Welsh/Mynediad/Lesson 10



A: Ble est ti ddoe? (informal)
B: Es i i Lundain.

A: Where did you go yesterday?
B: I went to London


  • Ddoe - Yesterday


Welsh Verbs • Lesson 10 •  audio (info •x kb • help)
Mynd (Gorffenol)   Past Tense of Mynd
English Cymraeg English Cymraeg
'I went, I did go Es i We went, We did go Aethon ni
You went, you did go Est ti You went, you did go Aethoch chi
He went, He did go Aeth e (South Wales) /Aeth o (North Wales) They went, They did go Aethon nhw

Es i i'r parti ddoe.

I went to the party yesterday.

A: Aethoch chi i Gaerdydd yr wythnos diwethaf?

B: Do. Es i i'r Stadiwm Mileniwm i weld gêm.

A: Did you go to Cardiff last week?
B: Yes (I did). I went to the Millenium Stadium to see a game.

A: Ble est ti ar dy wyliau di 'te?

B: Es i i Ffrainc.

A: Where did you go on holiday (lit. on your holidays), then?

B: I went to France.

Aeth Peter i'r dref.

Peter went to (the) town.

Aethon nhw ddim i'r parti.

They didn't go to the party.


  • Do for a past-tense Yes response (did), Naddo for No for a past-tense No response (didn't)
  • You may hear a positive marker with these short forms of verbs. Fe is commonly used in the south, while Mi is commonly heard in the North. These words do not have an English equivalent.