Web Development/Why do people develop web pages?

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People develop web pages for two main reasons: personal and professional. This book deals mostly with the latter: a medium to large-sized operation designed to generate income.


The personal webpage of an athlete.

Many people have set up websites to serve their personal interests. There are a huge number of reasons people do this, from sharing information about themselves, to preaching their beliefs, to putting up a resume to be hired or sometimes people publish virtual journals called "blogs".

Often a number of people collaborate on a website, like a forum or blog. But, since these sites are not designed for the specific purpose of generating revenue, they are still personal sites.


Many businesses (perhaps all someday) have web pages. Some are created simply to get the word out about their business: phone number, address, etc., to increase traffic to its physical location.

Many other companies have websites designed to bring in more income. They act as virtual storefronts, shipping to your doorstep or allowing you to pick up goods in person. This book deals with the development of a professional website created to promote your business.