Web 2.0 and Emerging Learning Technologies/Podcasting

What is a Podcast?

  • A podcast is a program delivered via the Internet using an XML (Extensible Markup Language) protocol called RSS (Really Simple Syndication).
  • Podcasts can be audio files, video files, documents, or any combination of the three.
  • The publisher or broadcaster podcasts the program by posting the episodes and the XML document to a Web server.
  • The consumer subscribes to the podcast using a client application, which regularly reads the XML file and downloads new episodes.
  • Because podcasts can include several of the most common types of media, they can be used to offer many different kinds of programmes.
  • Any television or radio programme can of course be transmitted as a podcast, as can any lecture, performance, or other recorded event.
  • Using the AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) file format, audio podcasts can include synchronised still images to create a narrated slideshow. In this way, a series of lectures can include the lecturer’s voice and presentation slides.
  • In most podcasts, each episode is the same file format, so subscribers can enjoy the program the same way each time. However, some podcasts use multiple media.

  • Podcasts are attractive to subscribers because :

1)Podcasts are free

2)New podcast episodes appear automatically and can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Podcasts are available in many different languages. The easiest way to find them is simply to search using words in the desired language.

Teaching and Learning Possibilities

  • Language courses, for example, can combine video for a sense of the foreign country, audio for information and ear training, and documents for practice and reference.
  • We feel that confidence is needed on good quality educational podcasts listed as suitable for teaching and learning or for use at home.
  • By focusing on the quality and suitability of the podcast material and matching these to subjects and topic areas, you can be assured that the podcasts have an educational focus and have content that is relevant and appropriate for use with children, young people and adult learners as well as educational professionals.
  • Educational podcasting is about capturing the imagination of learners, presenting materials and providing resources in the form of audio, enhanced or video podcasts in new and exciting ways.
  • Podcasts should be suitable for educational use with learners in the 5-19 age range at home, school or college.

Example Links

The list below includes a variety of podcast channels which cater for different activities to be carried out in a classroom .

The choice we have done includes podcasts from different English speaking countries because we feel that the main skill to work here is LISTENING so it is really profitable for students to listen to different accents and recognize familar expressions which they may encounter. These podcasts also have a cultural approach as students can get to know how schools from all over the world work and besides they have the opportunity to compare educational issues.

1)Podcast: RECAP Educational Podcasts for teaching and learning


RECAP a very good directory to locate podcasts for educational use. Ideal for teaching and learning activities with children, young people and educatio professionals.


The PInky show is a series of episodes about historical facts, critical analysis and interpretations of cultural texts, social and political commentary, issues of morality and ethics and basically anything that people may not know or spend much time thinking about. The presenter is a cat called Pinky which starts each episode with the following statement: All I want is to be able to understand things.

3)Podcast: The Swan SwanseaPublic School(Toronto District School Board)


A podcast where you can access the assignments done by the pupils of this school. The range of age of the pupils is from 3 to 12 years old. Among the assignments you can find: Poetry,Videos as well as a variety of resources that deal with Media Literacy.

4)Podcast: Curtin University Library (Australia)


This library offers a range of podcasts with helpful tips covering evrything, from library tours to resources for Health, Environmental Issues as well as exams at an adult level