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Here is a tutorial on installing WebObjects on Windows:

Fixing Auto LaunchEdit

Q. Hi everyone. I've seen several people on the list with the same problem as this, but haven't seen it resolved yet. When launching an app on WO5.2.2 developer on Windows XP, this error message is displayed:

 Your application is not running on a supported development platform. AutoLaunch will not work.

I can cut and paste the URL into a browser manually, but I'm too lazy to do all that 'work' all day long :) I've tried the WOAutoOpenInBrowser setting with no luck. I've also tried setting W2K compatibilty mode for project builder and the WOOpenUrl application with no luck.

A. use the following methods in your Application class:

  * Calls _isAdditionalForeignSupportedDevelopmentPlatform
  * @see com.webobjects.appserver.WOApplication#_isForeignSupportedDevelopmentPlatform()
 public boolean _isForeignSupportedDevelopmentPlatform()
   return (super._isForeignSupportedDevelopmentPlatform() || _isAdditionalForeignSupportedDevelopmentPlatform());
  * Check for Windows XP
  * @return true if runs on XP
 public boolean _isAdditionalForeignSupportedDevelopmentPlatform()
   String s = System.getProperty("");
   return ( s != null && s.equals("Windows XP") );

-- StefanKlein

B. Above method didn't work for me. Adding the following to the Application Class worked.

   public boolean _isSupportedDevelopmentPlatform() {
          boolean result = super._isSupportedDevelopmentPlatform();
              result = System.getProperty("").equals("Windows XP");
          return result;

-- Guillaume Luszack