We ♥ Katamari/Stationary

Page 1

Stationary item Description Size to roll up
Yellow Pushpin This pin is easy to hold. You can even hang things on it! 3cm5mm
Blue Pushpin You can hang things from this as long as they aren't too heavy. 3cm5mm
Thumbtack Stick pieces of paper on the wall with these. They're hard to get out if you push them too far in. 3cm1mm
Glue This item can stick pieces of paper together. It looks kind of like lipstick, but you shouldn't smear it on your lips. 7cm4mm
Kid's Glue Stick A cute little glue stick. The lid often pops off by itself when you aren't paying attention. 7cm9mm
Clip A tool used to clip together two pieces of paper. 1cm8mm
Green Clip Regrettably, this cannot clip together the love of two faraway souls. 4cm5mm
Red Clip Some people show off by attaching lots of these to their face, then ripping them all off in one swoop. 4cm5mm

Page 2

Stationary item Description Size to roll up
Small B Pencil Harder to use as it gets shorter. We wish there was a way to extract the lead so We could use it all up. 4cm0mm
B Pencil The more you use it, the shorter it grows. 4cm3mm
H Pencil If you sharpen the end you can write with this. If you don't sharpen it, you can still use it to scratch your back. 4cm1mm
Pencil with Eraser There's an eraser on the end, and if you sharpen it, it becomes a pencil. Try to treat it nicer than that, though. 7cm2mm
Fancy Pencil A pencil with a picture of outer space on it. However, it's mostly used on Earth really. 7cm0mm
HB Pencil It would be much more convenient to sharpen both sides of this pencil, but apparently people don't often do that. 7cm9mm
Blue & Red Pencil (RARE) Red and blue in a single pencil! It's not purple in the middle or anything. 9cm7mm
Ballpoint Pen A stick for drawing figures. You can also stick them in your ears to accessorize your look. 6cm5mm

Page 3

Stationary item Description Size to roll up
Eraser A handy item that erases stuff. Shame it can't erase the past. 8cm1mm
Sand Eraser A handy item that erases stuff. Nobody knows where things go once erased... 7cm4mm
Boy's Pen Box There are lots of switches and things on this, but most of them are completely unrelated to studying. 27cm3mm
Girly Pen Box This has a picture of a little witch girl on it, but it doesn't magically give you the test answers or anything. 29cm8mm
Pencil Stand A holder for pencils and scissors and things. There's often a tiny eraser lurking on the bottom somewhere. 18cm7mm
Pencil Sharpener Turn the knob to sharpen pencils. You can't unsharpen it by turning the knob the other way. 26cm2mm
Permanent Marker This pen lets you write things whcih can't be easily erased. When you want a star's autograph, bring this. 8cm6mm
Crayon Box Looks like there's room for 14 items. You have collected 14. Set placeholder - contents to follow

Page 4

Stationary item Description Size to roll up
Inkbrush A tool that paints colors on paper. Some people use them to clean out assorted crevices. 8cm4mm
Calligraphy Pen A writing tool. You can only write really thick characters with this, so it's a bit inconvenient. 18cm5mm
Paperweight This object's job is to keep papers from blowing away. We have yet to find another use for it. 8cm8mm
India Ink A blakc liquid for drawing letters and paintings. Hard to remove once it gets on your clothes. 21cm7mm
Classroom Calligraphy (1) This calligraphy says "egg". It must be written large so the writer won't forget to buy some later. 25cm0mm
Classroom Calligraphy (2) This calligraphy says "balloon." We don't think that's right, but if it say it so many times, We're loath to disagree. 25cm0mm
Classroom Calligraphy (3) Apparently a letter for someone's mother...but the body of the letter is missing. 25cm0mm
Classroom Calligraphy (4) If you draw really big characters like this one, the teacher will praise you. 25cm0mm

Page 5

Stationary item Description Size to roll up
Inkstone You put black water in the crevice. Of course, the stone itself is also black, so how can you tell? 20cm0mm
Black Calligraphy Bag This bag is huge, yet there's nothing but black paint inside. 40cm0mm
Red Calligraphy Bag The bag may be red, but you can still only draw black characters. 40cm0mm
Sticky Tape (1) Unravel it and stick it on stuff, and the patterned part will start thinning out. 11cm6mm
Sticky Tape (2) This tape could bind some pretty big things together. 35cm4mm
Paper Cutter A tool that cuts things with its sharp teeth. Sometimes it gets violent and cuts the desk under the paper. 16cm3mm
Scissors When this are around, both paper and hair go snicker-snack. 16cm8mm
Big Compass A tool that can draw really big circles. It's still too small to draw the Earth, however. 53cm2mm

Page 6

Stationary item Description Size to roll up
Abacus You can get answers by clacking the beads with your fingers. Some experts can even work these in their minds. 28cm0mm
Sketch Book You can draw whatever you want in here, but some people draw some really explosive stuff, so be careful. 45cm0mm
Files A collection of books and papers. This appears to be well-organized, but the contents are all mixed up. 66cm1mm
Filing Cabinet No matter which file you open, you won't find any secret letters. 91cm3mm

Crayon Set - Page 1

Crayon item Description Size to roll up
Crayon Box This hold your crayons. Some people keep their crayons in careful order, but others just put them in anywhere. 19cm4mm
White Crayon A white crayon. Using this on white paper is pointless. 5cm9mm
Black Crayon Jet black. Often used to draw evil things. 3cm7mm
Red Crayon Fiery red. Commonly used to scribble nosebleeds on photos of famous people in magazines. 4cm2mm
Pink Crayon Soft pink. A very popular color among girls. 4cm8mm
Green Crayon Verdant green. Looks like it's good for you, but eating it is frowned upon. 5cm1mm
Lime Crayon The same color as the Prince. The same size, too. 5cm0mm
Blue Crayon Refreshing blue. Drawing a hunk of cheese with this does not make it blue cheese. 5cm0mm

Crayon Set - Page 2

Crayon item Description Size to roll up
Aqua Crayon Gushing aqua. Water is really colorless, but somehow this color has a watery feel. 5cm4mm
Purple Crayon Elegant purple. Some old ladies like to dye their hair this color. 5cm4mm
Brown Crayon Composed brown. Draw a rectangle with this color, and it can be either a brick or a chocolate bar. 5cm6mm
Beige Crayon Warm beige. Also known as "flesh," but not all flesh tones can be drawn with this. 5cm1mm
Ochre Crayon Dependable ochre. You never seem to run out of this one. 5cm7mm
Gold Crayon (RARE) Gorgeous gold. Looks costly, but priced the same as any other crayon. 5cm9mm