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Item Description Size to roll up
Kendo Mask Equipment that protects your head from harm during swordfights. Tends to stink of sweat after a while. 75cm7mm
Ping-Pong Ball It looks like a turtle egg, but actually, it's used for some kind of sport. 9cm4mm
Golf Ball There's a sport out there where you whack this ball and put it into little holes. 11cm0mm
Tennis Ball A ball with hair growing all over it's body. It must be an adult. 13cm5mm
Baseball Nothing will happen until you throw this. If you don't, the entire team will get angry at you. 19cm9mm
Dodgeball Children hit each other with this ball during recess. It's soft and squishy so that people don't fight. 43cm8mm
Football People cradle this ball very carefully to keep from dropping it. When it's dropped it bounces in weird directions. 49cm4mm
Red Ball We can't help but feel very close to this thing. 3m99cm9mm

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Item Description Size to roll up
Baseball Bat Some people like resting their forehead on one end and spinning around. That's not what it's meant for. 49cm8mm
Baseball Cap The hat of the team you're cheering for. You're allowed to wear it outside of baseball games, too. 37cm6mm
Scoreboard Having lots of numbers up here is generally a good thing. 7m7cm2mm
Base You have to step on this in order to score a hit. It must feel so put upon all the time. Sad. 76cm4mm
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Soccer Ball A sad little ball. Nobody ever gives it a hug. 55cm7mm
Ping Pong Paddle Rowing a boat with this is very tiring. Best used as a fan. 33cm7mm

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Item Description Size to roll up
Surfboard A board used to ride on waves. Apparently it's more fashionable to stand up on it than to lie stomach down. 1m38cm5mm
Swimming board An item used while swimming. If you have four of these, you can float like a water strider. 1m31cm4mm
Blue Ski Board Put these on your feet to go gliding on the snow. Not very convenient unless you're going downhill. 1m40cm1mm
Yellow Ski Board With these on, even men walk around pigeon-toed. 1m40cm1mm
Green Ski Board Sometimes you see these going downhill all by themselves. 1m40cm1mm
Ski Pole These poles hold you up while you're skiing. They look thin and unreliable, but they're actually pretty strong. 72cm3mm
Snowboard You can't even walk right with this attached to your feet. It may be just one board, but it's still tough to ride. 1m9cm0mm
Tennis Racket It seems you grunt really loudly whenever you swing this. 74cm9mm

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Item Description Size to roll up
Flagstick People hit ball toward this. Watch out for the hole in the ground that's usually nearby. 64cm6mm
Hurdle People jump over these when they're around, even though it would be far easier just to avoid them. 1m43cm3mm
Red Helmet People who dont' want their face to be seen wear this. Take it off before going in a store, or people will be angry. 97cm2mm
Green Helmet You can open and close the bit in front, ensuring you'll never get bored of it. 97cm2mm
Racer The passenger seat in his car at home is kept open for his girlfriend. 1m65cm2mm
Red Racer He always has a spare pair of underpants in his backpack, just in case he goes up on the winner's podium. 1m45cm6mm
Purple Racer Apparently he's the best at reverse-parking. 1m45cm6mm
Blue Racer He just got his license, so he's super excited. He'll probably be feeling blue once the race results come in. 1m45cm6mm

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Item Description Size to roll up
Outfielder Catches flies with the thing on his hand. Wouldn't bug spray be easier? 1m84cm0mm
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
Benchwarmer He is seriously considering giving it all up to become a soccer player. 1m78cm2mm
Surfer This is the second time he's evver seen the ocean. 1m60cm0mm
Soccer Player He's skilled at kicking balls around. When he touches them with his hands, whistles go off. 1m58cm0mm
Marathon Runner He forgot how to stop, but nobody can tell him how, as he can't stop to listen. 1m69cm4mm
Tennis Player People say he's a different person whenever he's holding a racket. He never notices himself. 1m83cm3mm

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Item Description Size to roll up
Green Boarder A beginner who's still confused about how you can't move your feet. 1m86cm5mm
Red Boarder This intermediate boarder is excited by his speed. It's much faster than he expected. 1m86cm5mm
Yellow Boarder An advanced boarder who can handle any bumpy terrain. He can even make really high jumps. 1m86cm5mm
Red Skier He once went three times around the chair lift without getting off. 2m2cm7mm
Purple Skier He's shocked that the skiwear he bought a year ago is getting too tight for him. 2m2cm7mm
Green Skier This guy isn't too good at teaching people. Apparently, you go down the hill like this, and then you stop like that. 2m2cm7mm
Ski Jumper His next goal is to fix his fear of heights. 2m14cm8mm
Skier He seems to have found a way to always stop when he wants to. 2m7cm3mm

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Item Description Size to roll up
Yellow Skier He was promised a kiss from his girlfriend if he can learn how to turn without falling over. 2m0cm4mm
Red Skier They call him the Red Comet. He zooms down the slopes ten times faster than other people. 2m0cm4mm
Green Skier He's the best at kicking up lots of snow when he stops. 2m0cm4mm
Ice Skater Boy A young boy with a big appetite who only wants some ice-cream. This is his second time skating. 1m36cm7mm
Ice Skater Grandpa A bright-eyed old man who loves passing younger people. He's proud of his healthy teeth. 1m56cm1mm
Ice Skater After everyone near her goes away, she's thinking about trying a triple loop. 1m70cm2mm
Speed Skater An amazing man in stylish tights who's unbeatable at skating. 1m77cm5mm
Canoeist Apparently his dream is to become one with the river current. 2m83cm2mm

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Item Description Size to roll up
Oxygen Tank A tube filled with oxygen. You'll get chewed out if you use it all up making fart sounds. 80cm7mm
??? ??? ???
Sumo Wrestler These guys say they are just "big boned," but most people just call them fat. 3m0cm1mm
Komusubi (Sumo Wrestler) (RARE) This fighter's road has just begun. His hands are probably pretty salty. 1m33cm0mm
Ozeki (Sumo Wrestler) (RARE) Sumo wrestler's usually get fashion-conscious around this age. This one's mawashi is a top designer brand.
??? ??? ???
Boxer A great man who's built his body and spirit by punching and being punched by others. The belt around his waist is proof of his victory. 1m88cm7mm
Basketball Player He looks like he's having fun, so you probably shouldn't point out the hole in the basket. 2m7cm0mm

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Item Description Size to roll up
Skydiving Man He wants to put this glorious feeling into song, but he doesn't know where to start with the lyrics. 2m11cm0mm
Parachute Man He can't remember if he shut the gas off at home, so he'd like to get back on terra firma soon. 10m1cm0mm
Glider Man An adventurous man who's considering going straight home like this. 8m22cm4mm
Basketball Hoop Used in a sport where you throw balls into a high basket. If your hands can reach the basket, you can become a big superstar. 5m58cm5mm
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