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Item Description Size to roll up
Guitar Listen carefully and you can hear a message from the player's soul when they strum the strings. 1m10cm9mm
Bell People who walk down the street ringing these often are carrying some kind of key. 4cm8mm
Castanet An instrument played by clacking it. Everyone always seems to strike the same pose when using it. 12cm5mm
Harmonica Put this in your mouth and breathe in and out to make sounds. It would be easier if all you had to do was exhale. 16cm8mm
Windchime An instrument that plays clear, col sounds. We don't see anyone playing it, though. 20cm1mm
Recorder A flute used in music. You sometimes see spit some out from the bottom, which is kind of gross. 20cm2mm
Gong When it rings, the fight starts. Do you have the eye of the tiger? 37cm0mm
Pianica We aren't sure if this is a flute or a piano, but either way, it's fun. Press the button and liquid comes out. 48cm6mm

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Item Description Size to roll up
Cassette Tape Listen to two different sounds just by flipping it over! 9cm7mm
Cassette Radio A fancy radio that has one tape player for each speaker...We think. 64cm7mm
Cassette Radio Lets you hear music and important information. Unfortunately, it doesn't answer any of your questions. 62cm3mm
Stereo A machine that emits pleasant sounds. Doesn't compare with the real thing, however. 87cm2mm
Stereo Speaker A box that makes noise. Line your wall with these, and it's like you're really there. Whatever that means. 1m5cm5mm
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Court Musician Flute He keeps things festive with his jolly music. We prefer the recorder to the flute, Ourselves 42cm5mm
Court Musician Drum He keeps things festive with his oddly-shaped drum. He's nice enough to shout along with the music, too. 45cm5mm

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Item Description Size to roll up
Trumpet An instrument that makes sounds when you blow into it. You need to shape your lips just right to get a good sound. 52cm4mm
Big Drum The larger drum in the set. People who tap their feet during class must be practicing for this. 1m23cm1mm
Small Drum The smaller drum in the set. It looks terribly lonely when it's all by itself. 1m10cm5mm
Cymbal The cymbal in the drum set. It would probably go really far if you threw it. 1m22cm5mm
Gong A Chinese-style instrument. We guess it's used while eating ramen, or when kung-fu fighting. 1m40cm5mm
Cello An instrument that makes screeching sounds. It apparently screeches less if you're good at it. 1m38cm6mm
Organ Makes sounds when you press its keys. Some haunted ones play by themselves at the stroke of midnight! 1m77cm8mm
Hanging Bell (RARE) A very large bell. Japanese people ring this 108 times to bring in the new year, so don't just go ringing it. 3m40cm1mm

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Item Description Size to roll up
Harp Plays soothing, vibrant music. Best played while wearing billowing robes. 3m11cm5mm
Grand Piano It may be huge, but you can play beautiful music on it if you've got the right touch. 3m91cm2mm