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Snack Description Size to roll up
Candy A sugary blob. Very hard, so all you can do is suck it. 6cm0mm
Milk Candy A food made of solidified milk. We are not sure why they made it so hard to drink. 6cm0mm
Kintaro Candy A cylindrical candy with a face on it. Slice it all you want, and the same face will always pop up. 3cm8mm
Coffee Flavor Candy It looks like they've successfully solidified coffee into little pieces. But why? 7cm3mm
Grape Flavor Candy A handy bit of candy for when your mouth needs a little pick-me-up. 7cm3mm
Lollipop Yummy candy on a stick. Best not to eat the stick. 18cm5mm
Pink Lollipop A spiraling candy that's a lot harder to eat than you'd think. 1m0cm1mm
Blue Lollipop They must be trying to lure people in with the sweetness and the hypnotic spiral. 1m0cm1mm

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Snack Description Size to roll up
Strawberry Flower A strawberry-flavored flower. THe bees must love how sweet this is. 48cm0mm
Grape Flower Even the leaves taste like grapes. 48cm0mm
Mandarin Flower Don't worry. There are no seeds in here. 48cm0mm
Candy Cane Those colors may be flashy, but it tastes just like any other candy. 1m60cm0mm
Gummy A rubber food that's hard to describe. Merely touching it makes you a little happier. 97cm0mm
Marble Cake (1) They must have baked this while stick mixing the batter. It's tasty, though, so no big deal. 12cm0mm
Marble Cake (2) There's some kind of pattern here, but it doesn't have any particular meaning. 78cm0mm
Pound Cake Apparently these have dried fruit in them. We wish there were something juicier inside. 1m60cm0mm

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Snack Description Size to roll up
Chocolate (1) A small, easy-to-eat candy. Lick it, bite it, swallow it whole. It's all good. 4cm1mm
Chocolate (2) They say eating nothing but this causes cavities, but there doesn't seem to be any proof. 4cm2mm
Chocolate (3) A very sweet food. It usually melts before entering your stomach, so you need to eat it quickly. 12cm8mm
Chocolate (4) It says "Light." But since it's actually chocolate, it doesn't matter. 11cm7mm
Chocolate (5) Tasty chocolate. Won't cause cancer, but it may cause tooth decay. 11cm7mm
Bitter Chocolate Even though it's bitter, that doesn't mean it's defective. 50cm0mm
Mild Chocolate If you eat this while brushing your teeth, you might be able to avoid cavities. 50cm0mm
Chocolate Stick An environmentally-friendly candy. You can even eat the part you hold. 1m50cm0mm

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Snack Description Size to roll up
Chocolate Pie (1) The perfect mix of crispness and savory sweetness. 5cm0mm
Chocolate Pie (2) Well, for accuracy's sake, we think this should be called "Pie with Chocolate inside." 50cm0mm
Bread Stick If you get greedy and stuff a lot of these in your mouth, you won't be able to breed. So be careful. 90cm0mm
Caramel (1) Sometimes it's hard to get this sticky candy out of the wrapper. 4cm4mm
Caramel Box Contains square candies that get all sticky when you eat them. Adults get all nostalgic when they see one. 11cm3mm
Caramel (2) A super sweet candy that's a major pain if it gets stuck behind your teeth. 50cm0mm
Gum Eat this, and bubbles blow out of your mouth. It's extremely dangerous if you swallow it. 8cm5mm
Gum Stick Even after the flavor's gone, the gum's still there. How economical! 4cm5mm

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Snack Description Size to roll up
Dried Squid What happens to a squid if it forgets to drink enough. The more you chew, the better it tastes. 17cm4mm
Rice Cracker A very hard and sweet food, often used in Japanese denture ads. 15cm5mm
Dango Dumpling Colorful dumplings. They're different colors, but actually taste the same. 9cm5mm
Gigantic Dango It's so huge, there's no way you could eat it in one bite. 1m78cm8mm
Hishi-Mochi Three different colored rice cakes stacked together. The colors don't look healthy. 47cm0mm
Canned Sweets Full of Japanese beans covered in a sugary liquid. Much yummier than it sounds. 14cm8mm
Grilled Fish A rare fish filled to the brim with sweet bean paste. It ran away from the storekeeper after an argument. 24cm6mm
Gigantic Fried Fish A huge pancake filled with sweet filling. Why it's shaped like a fish is a mystery. 1m8cm0mm

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Snack Description Size to roll up
Creme Caramel A soft, quivery, bouncy treat. Everyone loves it. 14cm6mm
Big Creme Caramel A quiverying, delicious dessert. Gourmands love its size. 1m50cm0mm
Whipped Creme We thought this was just for decoration, but We were astonished by its sweet, creamy taste. 1m50cm0mm
Red Cherry This certainly stands out, but it has surprisingly few fans. 1m47cm0mm
Green Cherry They probably picked this cherry too early. 1m47cm0mm
Chocolate Parfait A parfait packed with chocolate. Some people claim to have a separate stomach for desserts. 42cm4mm
Strawberry Parfait A cute little strawberry-themed pastry. The mandarin oranges really make the strawberries stand out. 45cm3mm
Jumbo Sundae If you eat this huge sundae by yourself, you'll feel hollow inside. 1m47cm7mm

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Snack Description Size to roll up
Cream Puff Flaky on the outside, creamy on the inside. Mmmm. 18cm9mm
Melon Bread Very, very sweet bread. We don't think they baked a whole melon into the loaf, though. 21cm8mm
Chocolate Bread A pastry with chocolate cream inside. Watch out! There might be plastic film sticking to the bottom. 22cm2mm
Pancake A soft, warm, sugary cake. Goes hand-in-hand with syrup and butter. 31cm2mm
Honey Madeleine If you eat this right after exercising, your mouth will get all mumbly. 1m20cm0mm
Madeleine This has a very haughty-sounding name, but it's actually a mass-market food. 1m20cm0mm
Baumkuchen Cake A sweet cake made of lots and lots of layers. Peeling off and eating it layer by layer is pretty difficult. 39cm2mm
Big Baumkuchen You can guess a tree's age by counting the rings, but apparently that's not how it works here. 1m0cm5mm

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Snack Description Size to roll up
Shortcake Note the red thing on top of the white thing. That's the secret to its success. 53cm3mm
Tart A very earth-friendly sweet. You can even eat the dish! 8cm2mm
Big Tart You can eat this pastry all the way to the dish-like part. What great value. 2m0cm0mm
Chocolate Donut A sugary food with an open hole in the middle. 14cm0mm
Strawberry Donut (2) This doesn't look or feel anything like a strawberry, but eat it, and you can taste the strawberry flavor. 14cm0mm
Big Chocolate Donut Grown-ups say they're sick of being asked why there's a hole in the middle. 72cm0mm
Strawberry Donut (1) The strawberry icing melts when you hold it, so be careful when you pick it up. 72cm0mm
Vanilla Wafer A crispy, light snack. It can be used as a chocolate toothbrush. 60cm0mm

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Snack Description Size to roll up
Strawberry Wafer A cookie stuck into some ice cream. It tastes better if you let the ice cream work its way inside a bit. 80cm0mm
Chocolate Wafer Tightly grasp this ephemeral sweet and it will crumble in your fingers. 68cm2mm
Red Wafer If you just lick the cream out of this, you'll feel sorry afterwards. 68cm2mm
Green Wafer Don't worry, children! It doesn't taste like vegetables. 68cm2mm
Blue Wafer This is a preposterous color for food. 68cm2mm
Purple Wafer The purple part tastes like grapes. This is actually pretty good. 68cm2mm
Cookie (2) A sugary treat. Comes in many shapes, but most of them taste the same 6cm5mm
Cookie (1) Apparently you don't have to cut this into nice little pieces before eating it. 80cm0mm

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Snack Description Size to roll up
Chocolate Cookie If you lick the chocolate off before eating the cookie, you can enjoy it twice as much. 5cm6mm
Big Chocolate Cookie A sugary cookie. Eat too many before dinner and your mom will yell at you. 1m30cm0mm
Star Cookie (1) Stars are actually rounder than thius, but it tastes good, so whatever. 5cm0mm
Star Cookie (2) Stars like these are extremely uncommon. 1m6cm0mm
Chicken Cookie A cookie shaped like a chicken. It doesn't appear to lay eggs. 66cm5mm
Pig Cookie A cookie shaped like a pig. It looks plump and delicious. 68cm9mm
Sheep Cookie A cookie shaped like a sheep. It's hard to tell for sure, though, since there's no wool or anything. 80cm4mm
Donkey Cookie A cookie shaped like a donkey. It's got longer ears than a horse, making it better value. 1m0cm2mm

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Snack Description Size to roll up
Cookie Tile The type of cookie that's usually in the far corner of the tin. 68cm2mm
Strawberry Cookie Tile Tiling your bathroom with these will probably not last very long. 68cm2mm
Cookie (2) We wish they were a little more generous with the jam in the middle. 90cm0mm
Small Cookie Tree A triangular cookie with cream on top. It's crispy and easy to eat. 1m40cm0mm
Cookie Tree This one's medium-sized. It has a medium amount of calories, too. 2m20cm0mm
Big Cookie Tree If you eat a lot of this, you may not need to eat any other sweets for a while. 2m45cm0mm
Cookie Sandwich A crunchy confection. You can even eat the sticky stuff in-between! 5cm8mm