We ♥ Katamari/Sewing

Sewing items found in We ♥ Katamari.

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Sewing item Description Size to roll up
Thread (Red & White) A bunch of string wrapped around a piece of paper. Whoever wroapped this must be very disciplined. 8cm4mm
Thread (Navy) String is wrapped around and around this thing. That slit the string goes into is a superb idea . 8cm4mm
Thread (Green) A string wrapped around a cylindrical object. Drop this on the floor, and the string will unravel. 10cm7mm
Thread (White) The hole in the middle makes this very handy. To put it bluntly, it's something like a roll of toiler paper. 10cm7mm
Red Dress Pin A needle with a little ball on its head. Even if you remove the ball, there won't be a hole you can run a thread through. 2cm7mm
Green Dress Pin A needlie you put through pieces of cloth to keep them from sliding apart. you can't actually wear it as a dress. 2cm7mm
Dress Pin A tool used to hold cloth in place while sewing. 2cm7mm
Pin Cushion A cushion with lots of pins stuck in it. Apparently not a piece of artwork. 13cm8mm

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Sewing item Description Size to roll up
Sewing Box This is full of tools for cutting and poking cloth. A torture kit, as far as colth's concerned. 86cm4mm