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Reading material Description Size to roll up
Weekly Magazine A book filled with stories. Sometimes they're true, and sometimes they're not. 30cm0mm
Diary A book in which you write what happens to you that day. Usually lasts about 3 days. 19cm4mm
Math Homework The drills in this book couldn't poke a hole in a piece of paper. 16cm2mm
Kanji Workbook A study aid for difficult Chinese characters. Each one can have several pronunciations. What a headache! 16cm2mm
Math Textbook A book with lots of numbers and symbols. It doesn't appear to be very interesting. 25cm0mm
Japanese Text Book A book full of Japanese kanji. How anyone can remember and read them all is a mystery. 25cm0mm
English Textbook This is another of the languages that exists on Earth. It seems to be fairly popular. 24cm4mm
History Textbook Apparently drawing doodles on the photographs for comedic effect is very popular these days. 29cm6mm

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Reading material Description Size to roll up
Dictionary (1) Half of this book is written in English. The other half is some kind of scribbled pictures. 23cm7mm
Dictionary (2) A book with word meanings. You're in trouble once you start looking up the meaning of word meanings. 27cm0mm
Fairy Tale Book It seems like all sorts of amazing things happened long, long ago. 25cm0mm
School Yearbook Most people look at these and wonder why they had such poor fashion sense "back then." 25cm0mm
Paperback Recommended whether you want to stay up or fall asleep. Imagination required. 13cm9mm
Comic Sometimes comes with freebies not found in grown-up magazines. Not just for children! 28cm7mm
Magazine Comes with freebies that make children happy. 29cm3mm
Fashion Magazine You cannot be popular unless you read this magazine. 34cm2mm

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Reading material Description Size to roll up
Animal Book A book with lots of pictures of animals. Looks like they forgot to put in humans. 35cm8mm
Plant Book A book with pictures of glass and flowers and things. It only covers Earth plants. 35cm8mm
Encyclopedia A well-versed, knowledgeable book.... as far as birds are concerned, anyway. 35cm8mm
Telephone Book A thick book packed with numbers. Apparently used to talk to strangers. 50cm6mm
Home Doctor Book Anyone can be a doctor with this book. But if you really get sick, you should probably go to a hospital. 56cm8mm
Magazine Rack Storekeepers get angry if you read the magazines here without buying anything. 1m71cm6mm