We ♥ Katamari/Presents

Royal Presents for The Prince in We ♥ Katamari.

Hats edit

Present Stage Location
Headphones As Large/Fast As Possible 1 On the last of the paper airplanes circling the stage.
Mushroom Camping stage Near a bridge next to a group of people studying kayaking.
Mt. Fuji Stage 5 Inside of Mt. Fuji.
Crown Old Man / Stage 3 Near the hurdles on the school yard.
Little Buddy As Large As Possible 4 On top of a plane flying around the ranch.
Antennae Clean up stage On the windowsill behind where you start.
Flower Flower stage Bump the tree with the elf on a swing, the present should fall down.
Giraffe Zoo stage On a totem pole near the water area.
Ear Ribbons School stage In the bathroom stall closest to the door. The stall door is locked so you have to be big enough to pick up walls. (about 3m)
Wig Save the Pandas stage In the market, near the pool, behind a stack of boxes under a canopy.

Face edit

Present Stage location
Grandfather of All Cosmos mask Snowman stage On Santa's sleigh. You need to be big enough, yet not too big.
Mask Saturn / 50m Under a red bridge near New York. There is an arrow of anchors floating in the water pointing to it.
Glasses Firefly stage On the top of the RV parked near the water.
Long nose Gingerbread house On the witch's broom.
Moustache Cow-bear stage In the car wash at the pit area of the racetrack (sliding in and out)
Trumpet Cloud stage Near Fujio (cousin). You need to be pretty big.

Body edit

Present Stage location
Scarf Saturn Small In a dog food bowl outside the door on the porch.
Guitar Saturn Medium On top of a tall locker in the corner of the far classroom.
Horsey Race stage On the big docked cruise-liner near the finish line.
Cool Belt Sumo stage Thrown at the hippopotamus in the swimming pool near the ring.
Peacock Feathers Baby Stage In the safari area balanced on the nose of a bear who is being held by a guy standing on a ball.
Bikini Underwater stage Floating above the water on the back of a duck. Get to 80cm, get on the boat, and grab it.
Pouchette Origami stage On the back of a big crane walking in the hallway.