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Item Description Size to roll up
Barbell A pretty heavy bar. If you start trembling while lifting this, you're probably close to your limit. 1m68cm0mm
Hard-working Trainee He's building up his legs and hips with so-called bunny hops. His sandals are made out of aluminum. 1m50cm3mm
Trainee Apparently, he isn't practicing poking people with his ducktail. 1m55cm2mm
Beetle Fight Tow beetles fight it out. This is war! 20cm9mm
Wrestling Match Two girls fighting in swimsuits. Physical size doesnt' necessarily mean victory. 3m0cm3mm
Sumo Bout What a throw! They must have planned that beforehand. 4m67cm5mm
Judo Contest They're training for the gold medal, but this would be an illegal move in sanctioned events. 4m50cm3mm
Killer Move An epic battle that continues without end. There's not even a lunch break. 2m85cm0mm

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Item Description Size to roll up
Axe Used primarily by barbarians and people wearing hockey masks. 45cm2mm
Dumbbell A well-used item that helps humans build their bodies. It's very heavy, so dropping it on your foot would be a tragedy. 27cm7mm
Pickaxe That sharp, pointy end is just itching to poke some holes in things. 72cm6mm
Lawn Roller An exercise device that works your hips and legs while leveling off the ground. 2m24cm7mm
Elephant Sometimes blows water out of its long trunk. Don't worry; it doesn't have the sniffles or anything. 9m13cm4mm
Large Elephant Her trunk is big enough, but look at those ears! We bet she knows all the local gossip. 14m31cm5mm
Indian Elephant (RARE) A large elephant born in India. He wishes he had bigger ears, like his African cousins. 30m10cm8mm
Wrestling Ring Normally used for fighting, but some people like to shout into microphones here instead. 9m87cm3mm

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Item Description Size to roll up
Sumo Ring Sumo wrestlers fight in this ring. People throw salt in here before the match, so it probably tastes really salty. 10m43cm5mm
??? ??? ???
Crane A powerful machine that can lift just about anything. Unfortunately it can't compete in the Olympics. 22m9cm9mm
Crane (L) It may be huge and powerful but it's useless without the track on the bottom. 111m35cm0mm