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Japanese Food Description Size to roll up
Oden A piping-hot, oddly-shaped food. Why do people pile on so many different types of food at once? 20cm7mm
Small Takoyaki A hot food made from octopi. It burns the roof of your mouth if you eat it too quickly. 7cm5mm
Takoyaki One Bite Comes with a free tooth pick which makes it easy to eat. 9cm3mm
Okonomiyaki Vegetables, meat, seafood and other stuff baked in a pancake, with special sauce on the top. Spectacular. 25cm8mm
Salmon A piece taken from a fish. There are sometimes hooks caught inside these, so be careful. 16cm5mm
Grilled Fish Its proud scales shall glisten no more. It seems they finally got all the slime out. 28cm7mm
Cucumber Roll Good for vegetarians who want to try sushi. 9cm9mm
Tuna Roll A food made of tuna and rice rolled up into a cylinder. 9cm9mm

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Japanese Food Description Size to roll up
Tuna Sushi A wad of rice with a piece of red fish stuck on top. Fish with rice on top apparently doesn't work as well. 9cm8mm
Squid Sushi Watch out for the yellowish-green bit inside. It's spicy. 9cm8mm
Toro Sushi (RARE) The fatty part of the tuna is very delicious. Comes in medium-grade and high-grade cuts. Low-grade doesn't seem to exist. 9cm8mm
Egg Sushi A soft yellow block on top of rice. We have yet to see this swimming in the ocean. 9cm8mm
Octopus Sushi We wonder what this strange object on top of the rice is. We hear it's very sticky. 9cm8mm
Shrimp Sushi Different in color from the shrimp in the ocean. Watch out, as this one may have a spicy green trap inside too. 9cm9mm
Mackerel Sushi One of the cheapest dishes on the sushi bar's menu. 9cm8mm
Salmon Roe Roll A food made of tasty little red balls. You can eat the black part with it, too. 11cm3mm

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Japanese Food Description Size to roll up
Onigiri (Rice Ball) A ball of packed rice and filling. It's easy to forget what's inside after making one. 16cm0mm
Gigantic Riceball A scarily huge rice ball. Yokozuna-class sumo wrestlers will eat this right up. 1m12cm5mm
Lunch Box There's nothing but pickled plums and rice inside. Very Japanese, but we'd like some sushi in here, too. 38cm6mm
Soba Noodles These don't have much flavor by themselves. You'll need to put them in some brownish liquid, first. 37cm5mm
Noodles with Kitsune Udon noodles with fried tofu on top. The name means "fox noodles", but it's not actually made with fox meat. 39cm8mm
Pork Bowl Deep fried pork topped with egg on rice. A delicious dish from Japan. 40cm5mm
Gigantic Katsu Rice A popular dish in Japan. This is a little too big, however. 1m64cm9mm
Pickle Tub Put some vegetables in here, leave it for a while, and wonderful food results. Don't forget the stone on top! 1m8cm9mm

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Japanese Food Description Size to roll up
Kagami-mochi Rice cake for the New Year. People usually just leave it lying around. 35cm2mm
Huge Rice Cake An original decorative item made from a rice cake. 1m42cm0mm
Pot Cooking Great for cooking beef, pork, chicken, crab, fish, and anything else you can eat. 52cm0mm
Cooking Pot They say sumo wrestlers eat their meals straight from this pot. No wonder they're so big. 1m40cm8mm