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Fruit Description Size to roll up
Cherries A fruit that comes as twins. Availble in larger sizes, too. 8cm0mm
Monster Cherries If you can knot the stem with your tongue, it means you're a verry good kisser. 12cm0mm
Strawberry A bite-sized, bright red fruit. The bumpy things on the surface are seeds, but you don't need to pick them off. 7cm2mm
Giant Strawberry You'd better open wide if you want to eat this. Goes well with milk. 10cm8mm
Strawberry Pack A package of carefully lined up strawberries. They're all blushing red because their butts are pointing upward. 28cm4mm
Mandarin Piece The part that comes out after peeling the skin off. Removing the white part doesn't change the taste any. 6cm5mm
Mandarin Similar to an orange, but much easier to peel. Not very tasty at all with the skin on... 14cm1mm
Persimmon A big orange fruit that tastes really bad unless it is fully ripe. 24cm2mm

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Fruit Description Size to roll up
Grapes A bunch of small, purple fruits. Tart and tangy, but a lot of work to eat. 41cm2mm
Muscat A close relative of the grape. No matter how hard it tries, it will never turn purple. 41cm2mm
Banana A fruit that gives its eater tremendous power. You don't need to be a monkey to eat this. 21cm4mm
Banana Bunch A big bundle of energy fuirt. People usually don't eat these all at once. 40cm6mm
Pear A crunchy, tasty fruit that's bountiful in autumn. Tons of juice, too. 24cm6mm
Big Pear A pear that is a delicious fruit. A bear is a malicious brute. 36cm9mm
Apple This fruit teaches you about gravity and is good for your gums. 15cm8mm
Monster Apple Some people carve this in the shape of a rabbit. But it won't taste like a rabbit. 36cm9mm

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Fruit Description Size to roll up
Canned Peach So sweet and luscious, they had to seal it away in a can for its own safety. 34cm3mm
Peach A fruit that looks just like a baby's butt. 25cm1mm
Big Peach A fruit that leaks juice when you bite it. The fuzz tickles your nose, too. 1m0cm5mm
Melon One kind is called a Prince melon, but there aren't any King and Queen melons. 32cm9mm
Monster Melon A sweet, juicy fruit. Its skin looks like a maze, but there's no start or finish, so it's hard to solve. 60cm7mm
Apple Basket Eating all these apples will keep the doctor away for ages. 94cm6mm
Peach Basket A basket full of butt-shaped fruit. 94cm1mm
Orange Basket A basket full of sour orange fruit. Peel it, and your fingers get all sticky. 93cm8mm

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Fruit Description Size to roll up
Pineapple Looks sort of like a bomb, but the only explosive thing here is the sweet, tart, tropical taste. 65cm0mm
Gigantic Pineapple A huge and sweet tropical fruit. You probably couldn't eat it by yourself. 2m37cm2mm