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Food Description Size to roll up
Bento Lunch A small child's lunch. It's very colorful, and looks quite delicious. 27cm1mm
Big Bento Lunch The whole family can eat this lunch together. Not bringing enough side dishes may lead to arguments. 44cm8mm
Champion Burger A special delicacy made with many types of food stacked on top of each other. 37cm2mm
Hamburger (1) A delicious food created by putting food inside other food. Would you like fries with that? 20cm2mm
Sandwich A food made by trapping other foods between pieces of bread. 18cm5mm
Egg Sandwich Eggs in-between two pieces of bread, just like the name. 18cm5mm
Croissant A piece of bread shaped like the moon. It doesn't wax and wane like the real thing, but if you eat it, it wanes. 15cm6mm
Bread Loaf A sugary food eaten by children. Given out by mothers everywhere. 22cm7mm

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Food Description Size to roll up
Toast Sliced thin for easy eating. Much hotter than you'd expect. 19cm0mm
Sliced Bread Bread cut into thin slices. Does anyone ever eat the crusts? 32cm8mm
French Bread A bread so tough and crunchy, you could use it as a weapon. It has a slightly salty taste. 38cm8mm
Fried Chicken A crispy, juicy meal made from chicken. Made by old men with white goatees and black bow ties. 21cm4mm
Ham A tasty hunk of meat. Some pudgy guys have these for fists. 34cm0mm
Sausage Tastes great, but the ingredients are a mystery. 8cm3mm
Canned Tuna They say this is fish, but we detect a hint of chicken. 13cm3mm
Canned Sardines Apparently there are fish inside. Exactly how they got in is a mystery. 18cm2mm

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Food Description Size to roll up
Cheese You can eat this even when it's moldy. The human stomach must be sturdy indeed. 8cm8mm
Gratin A creamy food made from hot cheese and white sauce. You'll burn yourself if you aren't careful. 26cm5mm
Pizza The bits of cheese that stretch out when you pick up a piece are so annoying. 42cm6mm
Gigantic Pizza This must be the extra-extra-extra-large size. We can't help feeling a little sorry for the delivery boy. Better tip him well. 1m36cm5mm
Fried Shrimp Shrimp covered in batter. It must be too modest to go on the dinner table naked. 14cm9mm
Gigantic Fried Shrimp It took a lot of bread crumbs to cover this huge thing. 1m67cm1mm
Hamburger (2) A delicious meat patty, but it seems they forgot to bring the buns. 33cm8mm
Jumbo Beef Patty If you can eat this in 20 minutes or less, it's free. 1m38cm6mm

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Food Description Size to roll up
Egg A great egg. It doesn't matter how you cook it, it still tastes great! 13cm6mm
Omelet Rice Rice wrapped in egg. Some people draw faces on it with ketchup, which is always appreciated. 29cm1mm
Turkey Most people eat this bird once a year. Chickens often take their place. 81cm4mm
Stew (1) A very creamy liquid. Running a slice of bread along the bottom is the best way to eat it all up. 27cm7mm
Curry Apparently this tastes even better the next day. Maybe you should just make it the night before, then. 1m10cm6mm
Stew (2) A pot filled with creamy white liquid. You can feel the warmth of family love inside. 1m10cm6mm
Curry Roux Spicy, tasty liquid. Sipping this by itself will leave you feeling something's missing. 42cm0mm
Rice A bag full of food shaped like little white grains. It's tough and tasteless to eat it like this. 95cm6mm

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Food Description Size to roll up
Steamed Bun Instead of sweet cream, there's cooked meat inside. Soft and tasty. 22cm9mm
Fried Rice A dish made with fried rice, pork and vegetables. Delicious! 75cm7mm
Roast Pork The name sounds cruel, but it's really juicy and delicious. 1m28cm2mm
Shumai Dumpling Juicy meat wrapped in a doughy skin. You can eat the little green balls, too. 12cm3mm
Gyoza Dumplings Tasty filling wrapped in a thin covering, then baked or steamed. They make your breath stink the next day. 6cm4mm
Cup Noodles Apparently, this is called the greatest invention of the century. 27cm2mm
Ramen Soup with loooong noodles in it. Get it while it's hot! 48cm5mm
Gigantic Ramen This must have been a lot of work to make. Now We know why We had to wait so long. 1m50cm8mm

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Food Description Size to roll up
Kebab Meat for eating outdoors. Even if it's cheap meat, eating with your friends makes it all worth while. 31cm1mm
Roast on Bone There's some good eating here. People used to just eat it like this. 50cm0mm
Large Meat We have to admit, eating all this would certainly make you large. 1m38cm6mm