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Fashion Item Description Size to roll up
Straw Hat It has a lot of small holes in it, making it cool to wear on hot days. 44cm8mm
Glasses People like these so much, they'll look for a pair even when one's already perched on their forehead. 9cm3mm
Lipstick Used to paint lips various colors. For some people, using this is a sign of adulthood. 7cm6mm
Hairpin An item you stick in your hair to change its shape. 4cm5mm
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Hair Dryer A tool that blows hot breath. You can turn it down if you're already too hotheaded. 33cm3mm
Briefs Tight and snug. Some people write their names on the waistband in marker.

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Fashion Item Description Size to roll up
Red Sock Clothing for the feet. Starts to stink if you wear it long enough. 11cm6mm
Blue Sock Clothing for the feet. Recently, socks with separated toes are also popular. 12cm7mm
Bunny Slipper Footwear shaped like an animal. You don't have to feed it, luckily. 53cm7mm
Leather Shoe Polished to a fine veneer. Apparently worn to stodgy affairs. 39cm6mm
Sandal Easy slip-on, slip-off action. Some of the more fashionable kinds have fancier names. 31cm1mm
Kid's Shoe A shoe made for very small children. They sometimes have pictures of superheroes on them. 23cm5mm
Pumps The poles on the back make the wearer a bit taller but it makes it more difficult to rum. 34cm0mm
Sneaker Good on days when you're walking a lot. The pattern on the bottom wears away over time. 36cm0mm

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Fashion Item Description Size to roll up
Striped T-Shirt Relaxed menswear. We wonder where all the O-shirts and G-shirts are. 59cm1mm
Parasol An umbrella mostly used on clear days. It protects your skin from invisible rays. 1m35cm3mm
Royal Nose (RARE) Apparently, this has the ability to smell the difference between fresh and spoiled food. 7m55cm7mm