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Cooking item Description Size to roll up
Kitchen Knife Lets you chop up vegetables into tiny bits. Rub it with a stone when it becomes dull. 12cm8mm
Butcher's Knife Some people bring these to the bank. Odd. They don't sell any veggies there. 50cm6mm
Cutting Board Apparently the sound of chopping indicates that dinner is being prepared. 43cm1mm
Salt A small bottle filled with salty powder used for cooking. Often becomes lumpy and refuses to leave the bottle. 13cm4mm
Pepper A bottle filled with powder used to play tricks on people. Apparently also used for cooking. 13cm0mm
Sugar A bottle filled with sweet powder. So popular with bugs, if you leave it around they line up to eat it. 22cm5mm
Soy Sauce Container A bottle filled with a salty black liquid. The tip is very narrow because drinking too much is bad for your health. 17cm2mm
Soy Sauce Bottle A bottle with soy sauce inside. Better to pour a bit out than to drink from the bottle. 26cm9mm

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Cooking item Description Size to roll up
Mayonnaise Squeeze the bottle, and sour white stuff comes out. It's best not to drown your food in this. 25cm5mm
Ketchup A red liquid which goes well with a variety of foods. Some people draw faces with it. 25cm5mm
Strawberry Jam Soft and runny, yet tastes like strawberries. It would be nice to have some bread to spread this on. 15cm0mm
Marmalade Sweet, sticky stuff made out of orange peels and things. A marmalade-only diet is not recommended. 15cm0mm
Honey Honey in a tube. You can squeeze it right into your mouth. How convenient! 25cm0mm
Butter Reportedly made by swirling milk around. Tasty when spread on bread. 25cm4mm
Fork Sometimes it's easier to balance things on this instead of skewering them. 7cm6mm
Spoon A tool for scooping and picking up food. Not as handy as a spork. Some people like to bend these. 8cm1mm

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Cooking item Description Size to roll up
Rice Container A wooden pot filled with rice. Putting bread in here is a major faux pas. 60cm7mm
Rice Cooker Put rice in here, and it turns all white and moist. Not even magicians can explain it. 76cm6mm
Camping Pot People on camping trips use this to heat up canned food. The results are rarely tasty. 46cm8mm
Mom's Rice Bowl Mother's favorite. She's never one to overeat. 25cm5mm
Dad's Rice Bowl Father loves this bowl. He says his wife's cooking always tastes better served in this. 29cm6mm
Son's Rice Bowl The son's bowl. Good little boys clean their plate. 22cm2mm
Daughter's Bowl The daughter enjoys her decorated bowl. The lovely design doesn't make the food taste any better, however... 22cm2mm
Gigantic Rice Bowl Without some side dishes, there's no point in having this much rice. 1m32cm7mm

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Cooking item Description Size to roll up
Expensive Plate A kind of expensive-looking plate. The world goes into slow motion when you break it. 18cm5mm
Small Plate A plain round plate. The perfect thing for practicing plate-spinning. 18cm5mm
Square Dish A wonderful dish. You'll need to practice a bit before using these in a plate-spinning act. 24cm0mm
Plate A flat container for food. You can also spin it around with a long stick. 30cm8mm
Square Plate Yes, it's not actually square, but We call it square because We can't think of a name to describe its shape. 33cm3mm
Large Flower Plate (RARE) If you pile food onto this, there's no way anyone could completely finish it in one go. 1m46cm7mm
Sweets Plate (RARE) Both the person who eats this and the person who washes the plate have it tough. 1m73cm5mm
Chinese Bowl You can pack all sorts of food in here. Big eaters love them. 45cm6mm

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Cooking item Description Size to roll up
Chopsticks Disposable wooden chopsticks. Trees are disappearing because people throw so many of these out. 8cm8mm
Peeler A machine that removes the skin from fruit. Beware! Some fruit is tastier unpeeled. 16cm7mm
Plastic Wrap Wrap this around food to keep it fresh longer. Fat people wrap this around their bodies to lose weight quickly. 22cm8mm
Spatula Used to flip burgers, pancakes and other round, flat foods. Can also be used as a fly swatter. 22cm6mm
Slotted Spatula Flip anything you want with this. Even hot foods. 21cm1mm
Ladle A marvelous invention. You can carry liquids in the round bit. Great for tasting soup. 28cm3mm
Frying Pan A tool for frying food. It sometimes flares up while cooking, so try not to peek too close inside. 66cm1mm
Wok A simple, black fry pan. The stuff inside gets burnt, tossed around, set on fire, and generally abused. 96cm1mm

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Cooking item Description Size to roll up
Takoyaki Hotplate A solid board with lots of tiny holes, used to make takoyaki. Popular with people from Osaka. 23cm0mm
Clay Stove Cook fish with this, and you'll attract a hungry crowd in a hurry. 68cm4mm
Blender A miraculous machine that turns any food into juice. You can't tell what's inside once it's done, which is awfully exciting. 57cm5mm
Shabu-Shabu Pot A pot used for boiling slices of meat. Apparently the part in the center is nothing too important. 88cm9mm
Tongs Mainly used to pick up food. Otherwise, it's used to make clackity-clack sounds. 26cm8mm
Tray (1) You put food and stuff on this dish. It's extremely handy, but too bulky to use much in the home. 47cm7mm
Lunch Tray Students look forward to getting these every day. You can't leave any food behind, even if you don't like it. 47cm7mm
Tray (2) This starts to shake when you carry bottles or other long, thin things on it. 53cm5mm

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Cooking item Description Size to roll up
Dogfood Bowl A bowl for your dog. Food in it may look yummy, but don't be fooled. It's meant for doggy taste buds. 30cm4mm
Microwave Oven The "ding" means that whatever's inside is heated up. 1m26cm3mm
Sashimi Boat (RARE) This is a well-constructed boat, but upon closer inspection, it's too small to hold any people. 58cm3mm
Fire Pit A place used when cooking outside. We would go here for a taste of the wild. 3m16cm4mm
Outdoor Sink You can make curry, curry, and curry here. 4m37cm7mm
Toaster Put bread in here, and it pops out brown and hot. The poor thing can't take the heat. 58cm5mm