We ♥ Katamari/Cleaning

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Cleaning item Description Size to roll up
Clothes Peg (1) A clip that keeps freshly-washed clothing from flying away. You could also use this underwater, We suppose. 6cm6mm
Clothes Peg (2) A tool used to keep laundry from flying off the string. 6cm6mm
Soap Defeats dirt with its scrubbing lather. Not actually sold in its bubbly form. 10cm4mm
School Soap Everyon rubs their dirty hands all over this, so We bet it must be filthy by now. 25cm2mm
Detergent It's filled with powder used to clean clothes. Smells kind of fresh. 37cm2mm
Washtub Fill it with water and use it to wash clothes or bathe your children. 52cm6mm
Laundry Basket A basket for dirty clothes. If you wet the bed, it's better to just wash your underpants yourself. 73cm2mm
Faucet Water comes out when you twist it. Pinching it has no effect. 27cm3mm

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Cleaning item Description Size to roll up
Dishwashing Liquid There's something fantastical about the bubbles this makes. Environmentally-minded people use this sparingly. 33cm2mm
Sponge Used to wash dishes. One scrub cleans up even the most stubborn of crevices. 15cm6mm
Laundry Pole Where you hang laundry after you wash it. Just leave it there to dry. 1m30cm0mm
Laundry Deck This supports the pole you hang wet clothes from. 1m50cm0mm
Laundry Hanger Used to dry underpants and things. These are hung indoors on rainy days. 49cm5mm
Washstand This can hold a lot of water, but there's a hole in the middle of it, so it falls out in the end. 1m15cm0mm
Hose Reel A tool for wrapping up tubes that shoot out water. If you reel it in too far, you can't get it out again. 85cm2mm
Washing Machine A machine that gets your clothes all soggy. Whatever was in your pockets, too. 2m35cm7mm

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Cleaning item Description Size to roll up
Water Tap Used to water flowers, amongst other things. If you have some soap, you can even wash your hands. 1m24cm4mm
Car Wash A box that washes cars with its gigantic brushes. Don't drive in with the windows down! 6m10cm2mm