Wampanoag/Time of Day

{Obs.} THey are punctuall in measuring their {Day} by the {Sunne}, and their {Night} by the {Moon} and the {Starres}, and their lying much abroad in the ayre; and so living in the open fields, occasioneth even the youngest amongst them to be very observant of those {Heavenly} Lights.

|Mautáubon, Chicháuquat wompan.|- `It is day.' |Aumpatâuban.| `It is broad day.' |Tou wuttúttan?| `How high is the Sunne?' that is, `What is't a clocke?' |Páspisha.| `It is Sunne-rise.' |Nummáttaquaw.| `Fore-noone.' |Yáhen Páushaquaw.| `Allmost noone.' |Páweshaquaw.| `Noone.' |Quttukquaquaw Panicómpaw.| `After dinner.'

Naw <63> <Of {the time of the day}.>

|Nawwâuwquaw.| `After-noone.' |Yo wuttúttan.| `The Sunne thus high.' |Yáhen waiyàuw.| `Allmost Sun-set.' |Wayaàwi.| `The Sun is set.' |Wunnáuquit:| `Evening.' |Póppakunnetch, auchaugotch.|- `Darke night.' |Túppaco|, {&} `Toward night.' |Otematìppocat.| |Nanashowatìppocat.| `Midnight.' |Chouóeatch.| `About Cockcrowing.' |Kitompanisha.| `Breake of day.' |Yò tàunt nippéean.| `The Sun thus high, I will come.'

{Obs.} They are punctuall in their promises of keeping time; and sometimes have charged mee with a lye for not punctually keeping time, though hindred.

|Yo tàunt cuppeeyâumen.|- `Come by the Sunne thus high.' |Anamakéesuck.| `This day.' |Saúop.| `To morrow.' |Wussâume tátsha.| `It is too late.' |Tiaquockaskéesakat.| `A short day.' |Quawquonikéesakat.| `A long day.' |Quawquonikeesaqútcheas.|- `Long dayes.'

Nquit- <64> <Of {the time of the day}.>

|Nquittakeesiquóckat,| } `One dayes walke.' |Nquittakeespúmmishen.|-} |Paukúnnum.| `Darke.' |Wequâi.| `Light.' |Wequáshim.| `Moon-light.'