Wampanoag/Seasons of the Year

|NQuittaqúnnegat.| `One day.' |Neesqúnnagat.| `2 dayes. ' |Shuckqunóckat.| `3 dayes.' |Yowunnóckat|, &c. `4 dayes.' |Piuckaqúnnagat.| `10 dayes.' |Piuckaqunnagat nabnaquít.|- `11 dayes.' |Piuckaqúnnagat nabneeze|0, &c. `12 dayes.' |Neesneechektashuckqunnóckat.|0 `20 dayes.' |Neesneechektashuckqunnockat-nabnaquít.|0- &c. `21 dayes.' |Séquan.| `The Spring.' |Aukeeteámitch.| `Spring, or Seed-time.' |Néepun|, {&} |Quaqúsquan.| `Summer.' |Taquònck.| `Fall of leafe and Antumne.' |Papòne.| `Winter.' |Saséquacup.| `This Spring last.'

Yo <66> <T{he seasons of the Yeare}.>

|Yo neepúnnacup.| `This Summer last.' |Yò taquónticup.| `This Harvest last.' |Papapôcup.| `Winter last.' |Yaúnedg.| `The last yeere.' |Nippaúus.| `The Sunne.' |Munnánnock.| |Nanepaúshat.| `The Moone.' |Nqnitpawsuckenpaúus.|- `1 Moneth.' |Neespausuck npaúus.| `2 Moneths.' |Shwe pausuck npaúus|- &c. `3 Moneths.' |Neesneáhettit| `2 Moneths.' |Shwinneáhettit.| `3 Moneths.' |Yowinneáhettit|, &c. `4 Moneths.'

{Obs.} They have thirteen {Moneths} according to the severall {Moones}; and they give to each of them significant names: {as},

|Sequanakéeswush.| `Spring moneth.' |Neepunnakéeswush.| `Summer moneth.' |Taquontikéeswush.| `Harvest moneth.' |Paponakéeswush|, &c. `Winter moneth, &c.' |Nquittecautúmmo.| `1 Yeere.' |Tashecautúmmo?| `How many yeeres?' |Chashecautúmmo cuttáppemus?| `How many yeeres since you were borne?' |Neesecautúmmo.| `2 Yeere.' |Shwecautúmmo.| `3 Yeere.'

Yowecau- <67> <F 2> <T{he seasons of the Yeare}.>

|Yowecautúmmo.| `4 Yeere.' |Piukquecautúmmo.| `10 Yeere.' |Piuckquecautúmmo, nabnaquít|, &c. `11 Yeere; &c.'

{Obs.} If the yeere prove drie, they have great and solemne meetings from all parts at one high place, to supplicate their gods, and to beg raine, and they will continue in this worship ten dayes, a fortnight; yea, three weckes, until raine come.

|Tashìnash papónash?| `How many winters?' |Ahauqushapapòne.| `A sharpe winter.' |Kéesqush keesuckquâi.|- `By day.' |Náukocks nokannáwi.|- `By night.'