Wampanoag/Of the Adverbs

An Adverb is a word that attendeth upon the Verb, and signifieth the quality of the action, by Extension, Diminution, Rectitude, Curvation, Duration, Cessation, etc. according to the various qualities of all sorts of actions.

Adverbs do usually end in (|e| or |u|), as |wame| or |wamu|, (All): |Menuhke| or |Menuhku|, (Strongly).

The several sorts of Adverbs (according as Learned Grammarians have gathered them together) are

1. Of time. |Yeuyeu|, {Now}. |Wunnonkou|, {Yesterday}. |Saup|, {Tomorrow}. |Ahquompak|, {When}. |Paswu|, {Lately}. |Nôadtuk|, {A long time}. |Teanuk|, {Presently}. |Kuttumma|, {Very lately}.

2. Of place. |Uttiyeu|, {Where}. |Naut|, {There}. |Anomut|, {Within}. |Woskeche|, {Without}. |Onkoue|, {Beyond.} |Negonnu|, {First}. |Wuttát|, {Behind.}

3. Of order. |Negonnu|, {First}. |Nahohtôeu|, {Second.} |Nishwu|, {Third}, &c.

4. Of Asking. |Sun|, |Sunnummatta|; {Is it?} or {Is it not?} |Tohwutch|, {Why.}

5. Of Calling. |Hoh|. |Chuh|.

6. Affirming. |Nux|, {Yea}. |Wunnamuhkut|, {Truely.}

7. Denying. |Matta|, |Matchaog|, {No}. Also |Mo| sometimes signifieth {No}. They have no Adverbs of Swearing, nor any Oath, that I can yet find: only we teach them to Swear before a Magistrate {By the great and dreadful name of the Lord}. The word we make for swearing, signifieth {to speak vehemently}.

8. Of exhorting or Encouraging. |Ehhoh|, |Hah|.

9. Of Forbidding. |Ahque|, {Beware, Do not.}

10. Of Wishing. |Woi|, |Napehnont|, {Oh that it were}, |Toh|.

11. Of Gathering together. |Moeu|, {Together}. |Yeu nogque|, {This way-ward}. |Ne nogque|, {That way-ward}. |Kesukquieu|, {Heaven-ward}. |Ohkeiyeu|, {Earth-ward.}

12. Of Choosing. |Anue|, {More rather}. |Teaogku|, {Rather, unfinished}. |Nahen|, {Almost}. |Asquam|, {not yet}.

13. Of Continuation. |Ash|, {Still.}

14. Of Shewing. |Kusseh|, {Behold.}

15. Of Doubting. |Pagwodche|, {It may be}. |Toh|, {It may be.}

16. Of Likeness. |Netatup|, {Like so}. |Nemehkuh|, {So}. |Neane|, {As.}

17. Of unexpected Hap. |Tiadche|, {Unexpectedly.}

18. Of Quality. |Wunnegen|. |Matchet|. |Waantamwe|, &c.

Of this kind are all Virtues and Vices, etc.

Adverbs are oft turned into adnouns, especially when its verb is turned into a Noun.