Wampanoag/Of Interjections

AN Interjection is a word or sound that uttereth the passion of the mind, without dependence on other words.

  • Of Sorrow. |Woi|, |∞wee.|
  • Of Marvelling. |Hó|, |h∞|.
  • Of Disdaining. |Quah|.
  • Of Encouraging. |Hah|, |Ehoh|.

There be also suppletive syllables of no signification, but for ornament of the word: as |tit|, |tin|, |tinne|; and these in way of an Elegancy, receive the affix which belongeth to the Noun or Verb following; as |nuttit|, |kuttit|, |wuttit|, |nuttin|, |kuttin|, |wuttin|, |nuttinne|, |kuttinne|, |wuttinne|.