Wampanoag/Debts and trusting

|NOónat.| `I have not money enough' |Noonamautuckquàwhe.|- `Trust me.' |Kunnoonamaútuckquaush.| `I will owe it you.'

They <160/r.168> <Of {Debts} and {Trusting}>

{Obs.} They are very desirous to come into debt, but then he that trusts them, must sustaine a twofold losse:

First, of his Commoditie.

Secondly, of his custome, as I have found by deare experience: Some are ingenuous, plaine hearted and honest; but the most never pay, unlesse a man follow them to their severall abodes, townes and houses, as I my selfe have been forc'd to doe, which hardship and travells it hath yet pleased God to sweeten with some experiences and some little gaine of Language.

|Nonamautuckquahéginash.|0 `Debts.' |Nosaumautackquáwhe.|- `I am much in debt.' |Pitch nippáutowin.| `I will bring it you.' |Chenock naquómbeg cuppauútiin nitteaúguash.|- `When Will you bring mee my money?' |Kunnaúmpatous, Kukkeéskwhush.| `I will pay you.' |Keéskwhim teaug mésin.| `Pay me my money.' |Tawhìtch peyáuyean| `Why doe you come?' |Nnádgecom.| `I come for debts.' |Machêtu.| `A poore man.'

Num <161/r.169> <Of {Debts} and {Trusting}.>

|Nummácheke.| `I am a poore man.' |Mesh nummaúchnem.|- `I have been sicke.' |Nowemacaúnash nitteaùquash.|- `I was faine to spend my money in my sicknesse.'

{Obs.} This is a common, and as (they think) most satisfying answer, that they have been sick: for in those times they give largely to the Priests, who then sometimes heales them by conjurations; and also they keepe open house for all to come to helpe to pray with them, unto whom also they give money.

|Mat noteaúgo.| `I have no money.' |Kekìneash nippêtunck.|- `Looke here in my bag.' |Nummâche maúganash|- `I have already paid.' |Mat coanaumwaúmis.|- `You have not kept your word.' |Kunnampatôwin keénowwin.| `You must pay it.' |Machàge wuttamaúntam.|- `He minds it not.' |Machàge wuttammauntammôock.|- `They take no care about paying.' |Michéme notammaúntam.|- `I doe alwayes mind it.'

Mat <170> <Of {Debts} and {Trusting}.>

|Mat nickowêmen naúkocks.| `I cannot sleep in the night for it.'