Wampanoag/Constructing Words Together

For the Construction of words together, I will give three short Rules.

1. WHEN two Nouns come together, one of them is turned into a kind of an Adverb, or Adnoun, and that is an Elegancy in the Language : of which see frequent Examples. See 1 Pet. 2.2. |Pahke sogkodtungane wuttinnowaonk|, {The pure milkie word}, for {milk of the word}. The like may be observed a thousand times.

2. When two Verbs come together, the latter is the Infinitive Mode: as in the same 1 Pet. 2.5. |K∞weekikonitteamw∞ sephausinat|. {Ye are built, &c. to sacrifice}, &c. And a thousand times more this Rule occurs.

3. When a Noun or a Verb is attended upon with an Adnoun, or Adverb, the affix which belongeth to the Noun or Verb is prefixed to the Adnoun or Adverb; as in the same Chapter, 1 Pet. 2.9. |Ummonchanatamwe wequaiyeumut|, {His Marvellous light}: The affix of {Light} is prefixed to {marvellous}. |K∞waantamwe ket∞hkam|. {Thou speakest wisely}: The affix of {speaking} is prefixed to {wisely}. This is a frequent Elegancy in the Language.

But the manner of the formation of the Nouns and Verbs have such a latitude of use, that there needeth little other Syntax in the Language.