WJEC GCSE Biology/Introduction

This wikibook is tailored specifically for the WJEC GCSE Biology course. I decided to create this book because of the lack of good WJEC resources on the web. This annoyed me when I was doing my GCSE course and I wanted to create something which solved this for all future students.

About the WJEC courseEdit

Well what you have to understand if you're doing WJEC (Welsh Joint Education Committee) Biology is that there are 3 possible things you can be doing. You may be doing a Single Award Science, sometimes known as Core Science. You may be doing a Double Award Science, sometimes known as Additional Science. Or you may be doing Separate Sciences in which case you will be getting a GCSE in Biology. It is important to know which of these you are doing to use this book.

GCSE Type Sections to study
Core Science Just Biology 1
Additional Science Biology 1 and 2
Separate Science Biology 1, 2 and 3

About this bookEdit

This book covers the entire syllabus of the WJEC GCSE Biology course. It is to be used specifically for the WJEC course. It may be useful in some aspects for other examining boards but you should not trust that it will be, because it is not intended to be. It is meant to be a very in depth study of the WJEC course, at a suitable depth that an A* could be obtained from reading it.

How this book worksEdit

The textbook part of the book is split into 3 sections. Biology 1, 2, and 3. Use the table above to find out which ones apply to you. In every lesson, the section will be clearly displayed in the page name so you will know whether you should be reading that lesson or not just by reading that.


This book is intended to be written in a fairly informal manner as from experience, the average 14-16 year olds do not enjoy reading the formal tone of textbooks. It's meant to come across as friendly, interesting, and fun.

You can contribute!Edit

I have made this book on wikibooks under the GFDL for a reason. So that other people may help and contribute. Whether it's a simple typo, or help with an entire category of the wikibook, your contribution is greatly appreciated. If you contribute in anyway to this wikibook, you are entitled to add yourself to the list of authors of this book here. In fact, please do, so we have an easy to keep record of everyone who has made the effort to help.