Voice over IP/Introduction

A wireless VoIP phone.

Introduction edit

Voice over IP (or VoIP) is an emerging technology allowing encapsulation of voice telephony services within IP (Internet Protocol) for transmission over IP networks, such as the Internet.

VoIP technology provides cheap and flexible voice telephony by utilizing packet-switched networks for voice data, providing a much cheaper solution than traditional circuit-switched telecommunications services, while also allowing termination of IP calls closer to the intended destination, avoiding long-distance tolls.

With the global prevalence of broadband technology at home, interest in telecommunication technology and a move away from traditional copper line telephony, there is a lot of industry interest in VoIP technology.

Purpose edit

This book is intended for those who possess moderate to high computing skills. The initial sections of the book, dealing with VoIP history and simple VoIP deployment for home and small business users, is specifically written to allow those interested in VoIP technology to get an opportunity to try it out without getting too technical. For those more technically inclined, subjects such as VoIP protocol analysis and advanced PBX functions are discussed toward the end of the book.