Visual physics and mathematics/How to contribute

On this page anyone can write how he or she invites others to participate.

Images and films may or may not be accompanied by comments which precede or follow them. If there is a conflict between publishers, the author of the image or of the film decides freely whether or not he or she accepts the comments.

The cover will be decided through election.

To make a film, just write the script. The machine takes care of the shooting.

If your machine is not powerful enough to do the shooting of your scripts, you can ask for help:


For 3D, Blender is on top. Just know how to write the script in Python.


With 2D, the screenwriter is the master of the color and brightness (usually three numbers between 0 and 255) of each pixel of each image.


I write my code in a simplified language, just what it takes to make the film, and the machine translates it into executable code. An example :

Film Width  = 1920  | Number of pixels, |
Film Height = 1080  | again,            |
Film Length = 250   | number of images. |

Red  (image number, line number, column number) = r  | An integer between 0 and 255, |
Green(image number, line number, column number) = g  | a second one,                 |
Blue (image number, line number, column number) = b  | and a last one.               |

I will give tools which will automatically translate this code into an executable on the machines I know.