Visual Studio/Extensions

Like most other programs of its genre, Visual Studio supports the use of extensions to further the capabilities of the program.
Note that Extensions are supported in all editions of Visual Studio except the Express editions (the free Community edition can install extensions).

For all versionsEdit

For all versions of Visual Studio, extensions can be installed via the classic method: by downloading the extension's installer from the publisher's website and installing it, which will register the extension with Visual Studio.

Using Extensions GalleryEdit

From Visual Studio 2010 onwards, it is additionally possible to install extensions using the Extensions Manager. Note that a restart of Visual Studio is required before the installation starts for most extensions. [1]

Using this method allows VS to monitor updates to the extensions and inform users of any new updates, making it easier for users to update extensions. When an update to an extension is released, the user is given a notification and can update the extension from the Extension Manager.

List of (useful) extensionsEdit

References: [2], [3].

Note that not all extensions are free; some are paid. Not all extensions listed below install via Visual Studio's Extension Manager and must be installed manually. It goes without saying that this list is non-exhaustive; if you find one that isn't listed here, you can add it below.

  1. Roslynator
  2. SideWaffle Template Pack
  3. Power Commands for Visual Studio
  4. Resharper for Visual Studio
  5. SlowCheetah
  6. Web Essentials
  7. Devart
  8. CodeMaid
  9. OzCode