Visual Basic for Applications/Character 1D Arrays

Summary edit

  • This VBA code module is intended for any Microsoft Office application that supports VBA.
  • It allows strings to be loaded into one-dimensional arrays one character per element, and to join such array characters into single strings again.
  • The module is useful in splitting the characters of a single word ,something that the Split method cannot handle.

Notes on the code edit

Copy all of the procedures below into a VBA standard module, save the workbook as a xlsm type, then run the top procedure to show that the process is accurate.

The VBA Code Module edit

Sub testStrTo1DArr()
    ' run this to test array string load
    ' and array to string remake procedures
    Dim vR As Variant, vE As Variant
    Dim sStr As String, bOK As Boolean, sOut As String
    'split string into array elements
    bOK = StrTo1DArr(sStr, vR, False)
    If bOK = True Then
        'optional array transfer
        vE = vR
        'remake string from array
        sOut = Arr1DToStr(vE)
        'show that output = input
        MsgBox sStr & vbCrLf & sOut
        Exit Sub
    End If

End Sub

Function StrTo1DArr(ByVal sIn As String, vRet As Variant, _
                    Optional ByVal bLB1 As Boolean = True) As Boolean
    ' Loads string characters into 1D array (vRet). One per element.
    ' Optional choice of lower bound. bLB1 = True for one-based (default),
    ' else bLB1 = False for zero-based. vRet dimensioned in proc.

    Dim nC As Long, sT As String
    Dim LB As Long, UB As Long
    If sIn = "" Then
        MsgBox "Empty string - closing"
        Exit Function
    End If
    'allocate array for chosen lower bound
    If bLB1 = True Then
        ReDim vRet(1 To Len(sIn))
        ReDim vRet(0 To Len(sIn) - 1)
    End If
    LB = LBound(vRet): UB = UBound(vRet)

    'load charas of string into array
    For nC = LB To UB
        If bLB1 = True Then
            sT = Mid$(sIn, nC, 1)
            sT = Mid$(sIn, nC + 1, 1)
        End If
        vRet(nC) = sT

    StrTo1DArr = True

End Function
Function Arr1DToStr(vIn As Variant) As String
    ' Makes a single string from 1D array string elements.
    ' Works for any array bounds.
    Dim nC As Long, sT As String, sAccum As String
    Dim LB As Long, UB As Long
    LB = LBound(vIn): UB = UBound(vIn)

    'join characters of array into string
    For nC = LB To UB
        sT = vIn(nC)
        sAccum = sAccum & sT

    Arr1DToStr = sAccum

End Function

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