Visual Basic/Case Studies

Introduction edit

Here you will find detailed discussions of actual applications complete with all the source code. This is not intended to be a software distribution so the code is not provided as zip files but as readable source code linked with comments. The idea is to learn from the code and the explanations, apply the lessons learnt and create something new. If anyone wants to improve the code it should be done in such a way that the reader can see both the improved and un-improved versions and, of course, there should be a thorough explanation of why the change was made, what it fixes and so on.

Regular Expression Tester edit

While exploring the possibility for automated download of source code from Wikibooks I found a need to do some regular expression work. As my Regular Expression skills are a bit rusty I did a quick Google search for a tool that would let me test expressions. I found several tools but none were entirely suitable so I decided to write my own; it took about 15 minutes. It proved so useful in its prototype state that i have decided to include it as is without any clean up.

JArithmetic edit

An example of multi-language, multi-paradigm programming. Or to say it in more down to earth terms: a program that use object oriented and traditional approaches to coding together with code in languages other than Visual Basic Classic as well as the use of external process and libraries. Take a look.

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