VisSim/Student Version

The VisSim Student version doesn't really exist. Each academic facility has their own site license based on needs. These academic licenses are granted at a strong discount, but are not free. There are individual and site-wide licenses possible, and there is a student discount for the VisSim Personal edition.

A free academic edition of VisSim designed specifically for students of mathematical modelling is available, but it is based on version 3.0 of the software and the latest version of VisSim is 8.0. The number of add-on modules to the core product has grown significantly since version 3.0, but the list of mathematical models that ship with the free version may suit classroom needs, depending on the objectives.

Add-on modules such as the C-code generator are not in the free version but can be purchased at a strong discount. Models built in the older version will still run in the newer versions, which are fully backward compatible. To view models made in newer versions of the software, the free Viewer-only version should be used.


Free and discounted academic licenses are available for all faculty and students. Proof of current enrollment in an accredited academic institution is required.

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