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Uzbek Glossary • Glossary •  audio (upload)
avval first
avtobus bus
avtobusga oʻtirmoq to take the bus
ajoyib wonderful
aytib qoʻymoq to request to say
aytmoq to tell, to say
aka older brother
allo hello (used only on the telephone)
almashtirmoq to exchange
alohida separately
Amerika America
Amerikalik American
ana that (there)
ana u that one (there)
anor pomegranate
arzimaidi don't mention it
arzon cheap
asosan mostly, basically
assalomu alaykum! Peace to You (from Arabic)
atlas atlas (brightly colored silk cloth)
achchik bitter, hot, spicy
aʼzo member
ahvol condition


Uzbek Glossary • Glossary •  audio (upload)
band busy, occupied
baliq fish
bank bank
baraka abundance
baraka toping! good luck to you!
baʼzan sometimes
baho cost, price
bahor spring
bekat stop, station (for bus, tram, trolly)
bermoq to give, to sell, to pay; (aux.) to do something for someone
besh five
biz we
bizda on/by us, we have
biznes business
bilan with, by, by means of
bilet (bir/ikki tomonga bilet) ticket (one-way/round-trip ticket)
bilmoq to know
bino building
bir one, a
bir neqa several
biroz a little, some
bitta one (item)
bodring cucumber
bolam my child (form of address)
bora olmoq to be able to go
bormoq to go
bosh head
boshlanmoq to start, to begin
boxqarmoq to manage
bu this
bugun today
bulut cloud
butun whole, entire
buyurtma order, (reservation for a) call
boʻlab along
boʻlim deparment
boʻlmoq to become, to be
boʻsh free, empty


Uzbek Glossary • Glossary •  audio (upload)
vaalaykum assalom! and peace to you (response to greeting assalom alaikum)
va and
viloyat province


Uzbek Glossary • Glossary •  audio (upload)
gap talk, word, sentence
gaplashmoq to speak, to converse, to talk
goʻsht meat
goʻshtli with meat


Uzbek Glossary • Glossary •  audio (upload)
davr period, era
dam rest (dam olmoq to rest, to take a rest)
daraja degree
demoq to say
dehqon farmer
doktor doctor
dollar dollar
dorixona drugstore
dumba tail of sheep (dumba yogʻi tail fat (of a sheep))
doʻppi cap (skull cap worn by Uzbeks)
doʻst friend


Erkak Is men Eshik Is door Ena Is mom