People do have to eat and live and find shelter. People must have their basic physiological needs met before they can go on to strive for the gratification of their higher needs. These higher needs include love, fulfilling social relationships, self-actualization, and so forth.

Economics deals with allocating limited resources in the most advantageous ways possible.

When you're creating a society it is important to see that the nations of today with the most successful economies are the ones that practice a free-market capitalism. Critics of capitalism point to the potential instability of a capitalist system or to the tendency of free markets to result in some members of society living in poverty or without prospects for self improvement. A separate concern that does not touch on political economics directly is the tendency of free market economies to cater to human appetites to the point of encouraging vices. While certain vices may stimulate a community's financial opportunities, they can also prove destructive to public morality in a way that conflicts with the desire for utopia.

However if we attempt to establish this economy through a veil of ignorance which rawl's present's all people within this community would have agreed previously on the laws of the economy. When deciding which laws to enact the community should definitely vote through census. By doing hosting a census vote, and only through that can we make everybody within this community truly accept their economy.