What anarchy is a simple question; just life, the point is; what it is not. Anarchy is not the vandalism by loading arms or explosives as in the chaotic nature of 1790s France but it is a simplicity philosophy of far east that sourced of lao-tze or Taoism. But still on the contrary to the others, anarchy is not a style of constructing general agreement(choosing the one of the sames)

Wars are very unlikely to occur within an anarchist system, which may sound like zealous wishful thinking because it appears to imply that there will be no conflict between people because of an absence of authority (many would consider this paradoxical in itself). The reason wars are unlikely to happen is because to start and continue a war an individual must have a personal interest in it, kings, presidents, popes, lords and generals (autocrats and oligarchs) all have such an interest in practicing warfare for various reasons. Insurrectionists will also have an interest in continuing a war but will only have the objective of ending it, autocrats and oligarchs will usually wish to continue the war for as long as possible. The more important distinction between the two is that an insurrectionist is likely to be in personal danger of being killed during the war whilst the autocrat or oligarch have the possibility of assassination but are otherwise not in danger. To illustrate the distinction of an anarchist society, suppose there was an anarchist city with two neighbourhoods, for whatever reason they do not share what they have with each other, so neighbourhood A decides that they want to take what they like from neighbourhood B and to do so they will go to war with neighbourhood B (incidentally this is capitalist/fascist rather than anarchist reasoning not but it will have to suffice for the example). Everyone in neighbourhood A that wants to go to war will have to be involved, to play the part of the insurrectionist, to kill and probably die for what they want. This is a very different scenario to the one the autocrat/oligarch find themselves in where they are not personally willing to die for what they want but are willing to sacrifice others for it. So it can be seen that in an anarchist system someone would have to be willing to die for their desire to start a war in order for one to begin at all.