Using the 3D Connexion SDK

For many people, developing software based on a specific piece of hardware can be a daunting task. This book is aimed at those with one year or less experience in programming. It is ideal to inspire those new to programming through practical exercises based on a real world example.

The main language used in this book will be Visual Basic. Many experienced programmers will pick up the basics of the SDK quickly and soon begin making their own software. Please feel free to add a chapter on your program—the more the merrier.

Some of the content of this book goes above the level of understanding required to effectively use Visual Basic. These paragraphs will be clearly identified using a different color


Section 1

Getting Started

Section 2

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Visual Basic

Chapter 2: Hello World: Your First Program

Chapter 3: Using Variables

Chapter 4: Procedures

Section 3

Chapter 1: Introducing the 3D Connexion SDK

Chapter 2: Getting Variables: Live Readout

Chapter 3: Creating Events: The Burglar Alarm

Chapter 4: Controlling an object: Image Scrolling

Chapter 5: Photo Browser

Chapter 6: Web Browser

Chapter 7: Pong

Chapter 8: Getting 3D

Chapter 9: Remote Control