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Using YouTube Videos

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Downloading YouTube Videos

There are a variety of ways to download YouTube videos to your computer with online services or software.

Officially Edit

It is possible to download videos which you have previously uploaded to your channel using the default website interface.

Online Services Edit

Many online services are sketchy and unreliable. The Wikimedia Community can only recommend its own internal products or tools from reputable free and open source partners.

Consider Commons:Commons:video2commons as the internal Wikimedia product

KeepVid is an online service that allows people to download YouTube videos in FLV, MP4, WebM, or MP3 format.

Files downloaded from YouTube can be played with most free video software, such as VLC.

Find what YouTube video that you want, right click with your mouse on the URL and click copy. Open up KeepVid and paste the link in the Download box. Click Download and when Java tries to load, let it. The website uses Java to generate the download links. Choose what format and video quality that you want and then right click on the link. Click on Save As and choose where you want to save your file.

Using YouTube Videos for School Projects

YouTube videos can be used for many school projects.

Making them yourself Edit

It is simple to make videos to upload to YouTube. Windows Movie Maker which is on most Windows computers is a good choice. Information on how to use the software is available on Windows Movie Maker. Another software choice is VideoSpin. 30 second videos can be made without downloading software at Animoto. Once you upload your video to YouTube, the website has its own simple video editor that can be used online.

Other ways Edit

By following Downloading YouTube Videos, you can download a YouTube video and insert in on a Windows PowerPoint slide.

YouTube videos can be downloaded and then cut into clips using just about any video editing software. Then just open the clips in either Windows Movie Maker or VideoSpin and combine them. It is also possible to add music to the resulting video by inserting an MP3 file.

You can also use a YouTube video relating to what you are talking about during a presentation.