Using Ubuntu Linux/Introduction/Introduction for n00bs

A computer can be a very useful and valuable thing to have. You can do so much with one if you have to knowledge to use it. This guide is for people who want to learn Ubuntu, a distribution of Linux generally believed to be the easiest and most user friendly of them all. Just to be clear, Linux is a very small piece of software that is very fast and robust. A distribution, or "distro," is simply an operating system built around the Linux kernel. But why should you choose Ubuntu as your computer's operating system?

  • It's fast. This means old computers can run Linux more comfortably than other new operating systems.
  • It's safe. As opposed to Windows, which requires virus-protection software, Linux very rarely gets them. It's not like "you don't get them that often," but rather "if you find one, let me know."
  • It's reliable. Windows will often crash or certain programs might not respond. You don't want your operating system slowing you down. This happens much less in Ubuntu and other distros.
  • It's affordable. Some distributions might charge money, but most are completely free and non-commercial. They are created by a large community of developers all around the world, who also quickly find out about problems and create updates for them every so often.