Using SPSS and PASW/Opening SPSS

Opening SPSS


There are two ways to open SPSS. The first way is quite simple if the SPSS icon is already on your desktop all you have to do is double click the icon:


Double-clicking the SPSS icon should open the program, as illustrated below:


Alternatively you can open SPSS through the start button on your computer (if you're running Windows). If the SPSS icon is not on your desktop you must go through your computer's Start button. Click “Start” → “All programs” → “SPSS Inc.” From this point if you have more then one version of SPSS on your computer you have to pick the version you are going to open. I am going to use version 16.0. From here click SPSS 16.0 , and finally click the SPSS 16.0 icon. All the steps are shown below in a screen shot:


If you followed the steps above when you click SPSS 16.0 the program should open on your computer.

Chapter contributed by Joseph Ranalli