Using POSper/Left Menu

Overview edit

This page is dedicated to the menu on the left side of the screen when POSper is running.

My idea is that each item has helpful information (including answers to forum questions) so do please add information or change layout as you see fit

There are three main menu sections:

  • Principal
  • Administration
  • System

Principal edit

  • Sales
  • Edit Sales
  • Payments
  • Current Cash
  • Close Cash

Administration edit

  • Stock

    • Maintenance

      • Products
        Add your products here Link01 Link02
      • Products by Warehouse
      • Categories
        Define the different Product categories for your products here. Link01
      • Taxes
        Here you can define the different taxes you will need to use for the sale of your products in your country. Link01
      • Stock Diary
      • Stock Maintenance
    • Reports

      • Products
      • Catalog
      • Warehouses
      • Current Inventory
      • Current Inventory Broken
      • Inventory Diary
  • Sales

    • Reports

      • Cash by User
      • Product Sales
      • Taxes
      • Sales Chart
  • Maintenance

    • Point of Sale

      • Users
        In this section you can add new users to POSPER Link01
      • Roles
        define roles and Privileges for different users Link01
      • Resources
        Resources change much of the layout and appearance of receipts and other things within POSPER, you can find more Info on how to edit them by following these links Link01 Link02
      • Warehouses
        here you can setup different warehouses/ storerooms, where your stock will be stored e.g.: bar, cellar ...
      • Floors
        (for use in restaurant mode) you can setup different floors of your restaurant here e.g.: outside, front, back, first floor.
      • Tables
        (for use in restaurant mode) you can create different tables, like in your restaurant.
    • Openbravo ERP

      • Products synchronisation
      • Orders Synchronisation

System edit

  • Change Password

    Assign a Password or change your existing Password.
     !!!By default there are no passwords assigned to Users!!!
  • Configuration

    • Database

      Configure here, which database POSPER will use Link01
    • Cash Register

      Details on configuring your hardware Link01
    • Payment

      Configure your Credit Card payment gateway here
    • Layout

      Configure the appearance of the product and category buttons. The *size buttons use values like "130,50" to set the width to 130 and the height to 50. The style setting understands HTML/CSS like "color:blue; font-size:80%;" and are also used to align the images. Valid options are "image-position:right", "image-position:left", "image-position:bottom", "image-position:center".
  • Printer

    This tab gives you on screen printouts of your receipts that have been going through the till
  • Exit

    Log yourself out by clicking here, to return to the startup screen for a different user to log in.