Using POSper/Introduction

POSper is a point of sale system for retail trade and restaurants. The new 'Coffeeshop Mode' supports businesses selling goods and serving tables at the same time. POSper is designed to operate with a touchscreen so that a keyboard and mouse are not required for normal operation. On the other hand, it is possible to interact fully with the application using a keyboard and mouse without the use of a touchscreen. The main application window is focused on the sales operation.

The restaurant management features includes a visual display of tables which includes a visual cue to indicate which tables are occupied or free. It is easy to set up this layout to correspond to the physical layout of the restaurant.

In 'coffeeshop mode' the user can easily switch between retail mode and restaurant mode.

POSper supports numerous devices, e.g. ESC/POS ticket printers like the popular Epson TM 88 series, customer displays like Epson DM-D110/210 and compatibles, barcode readers for fast article entry, scales, and card readers.

POSper is Java based and can run on any PC system independent of the operating system.

The heart of POSper is a relational database where all products and transactions are being stored. The POSper teams commitment to support open standards guarantees long term compatibility to other systems which may want to connect to POSper like ERP systems, backoffice applications, etc.

POSper takes advantage of Hibernate [1] which allows to use any database supported by Hibernate like MySql, PostGreSQL, Oracle, HSQLDB, and many others.

The system is fully internationalised and currently supports Spanish, English, German and Portuguese. Other languages can be added easily. If you want to contribute to translations please contact the POSper team.

For system security and accounting the system allows for the creation of multiple user accounts. Accounts are assigned roles in order to determine their capabilities. The default roles are:

  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • User
  • Guest

but roles can be altered and new roles can be defined. There are administration options to manage users, set passwords and configure other aspects of the application.

The system can fully be managed from the user interface provided the user has been granted the proper rights. There are management options to make closings, to manage products and to manage the organization of products into categories.

Of course there are reports and charts of products, closings and sales.

One of the most important strengths of POSper is its configurability. It can be adapted in many aspects like layout, features, discounts, taxes, reports, devices, and more.