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posper_ticketline Edit

This table shows the information for a single line of a ticket.

Column Name Data Type Null Allowed? Key? Comments
id VARCHAR(255) No Primary UUID instead of int
version INT(11) No This is used by hibernate to track table versions
description VARCHAR(255) No This is used to describe the reason for applying a discount, if a discount is applied.
amount DOUBLE No The number of units of the product being sold on this line
priceSell DOUBLE No This is the price each unit is being sold at (discounts and stuff can come in to play to change it from the normal pricing).
taxRate DOUBLE No This field allows for overriding the tax rate
tax_id VARCHAR(255) No Foreign Key This points to the associated tax.
product_id VARCHAR(255) Yes Foreign Key The product associated with this line item. Can be null if this is just a misc added surcharge.
ticket_ticketline VARCHAR(255) Yes Foreign Key This is the ticket that this "ticket line" is part of
line_index INT(11) Yes The position on the ticket.