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KDE has following applications under different categories.

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Taking a screenshot edit

Screenshots can be captured using the KSnapshot utility. Hitting the PrtScn key activates KSnapshot.


You can refine the screenshot by changing the capture mode, and clicking Take a New Screenshot (or hitting Alt-N).

  • Full Screen - Captures everything. (This is the default.)
  • Window Under Cursor - Grabs the clicked-on window, even if another window is in front of it.
  • Rectangular Region - Click and drag to select the area, and then hit Enter to return to KSnapshot and save it, or Esc to quit.
  • Freehand Region - Same as Rectangular Region, except that you aren't limited to a rectangle: the area you select can be any shape.
  • Section of Window - The area of the window that will be captured is outlined in red. Double-click on it.

Besides PNG and JPEG, you can also save the screenshot as a BMP, EPS, JPEG-2000 (.jp2), MNG, PBM, PCX, PIC, PGM, PPM, RGB, TGA, TIFF, XBM, or XPM. You can also click the Copy button to copy it to the clipboard. The Send To... menu lets you import the image directly into another program.