Using Firefox/Keyboard shortcuts

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Standard Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Note: for Mac OS X, use the Command key in place of Control for all shortcuts listed.
Back Alt+Left Arrow (or Backspace on Windows)
Bookmarks Ctrl+B or Ctrl+I
Bookmark This Page Ctrl+D
Bookmark All Tabs Ctrl+Shift+D
Caret Browsing F7
Clear Personal Data Ctrl+Shift+Del
Close Tab Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4
Close Window Ctrl+Shift+W or Alt+F4
Complete .com Address Ctrl+Enter
Complete .net Address Shift+Enter
Complete .org Address Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Copy Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert
Cut Ctrl+X or Shift+Del
Delete Del
Downloads Ctrl+J (Windows & Mac OS X only), Ctrl+Y (Linux only)
Find Again F3 or Ctrl+G
Find in This Page (Find As You Type) Ctrl+F or /
Find in This Page (Find As You Type): links only ' (apostrophe key)
Find Previous Shift+F3 or Shift+Ctrl+G
Force Reload (override cache) Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+Shift+R
Forward Alt+Right Arrow (or Shift+Backspace on Windows)
Full Screen F11 (not implemented on Mac OS X)
Group Your Tabs (Panorama) Ctrl+Shift+E
History Ctrl+H
Home Alt+Home
Location Bar F6 or Ctrl+L or Alt+D
New Tab Ctrl+T
Next Frame F6
Next Tab Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+PageDown or Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow
New Window Ctrl+N
Open File Ctrl+O
Open Last Closed Tab Ctrl+Shift+T
Open Location in New Tab Alt+Enter
Page Source Ctrl+U
Paste Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert
Previous Frame Shift+F6
Previous Tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Ctrl+PageUp or Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow
Print Ctrl+P
Redo Ctrl+Y (NOT Linux) or Ctrl+Shift+Z
Reload F5 or Ctrl+R
Save Page As Ctrl+S
Search Ctrl+F
Select All Ctrl+A
Select Next Search Engine in Search Bar Ctrl+Down
Select Previous Search Engine in Search Bar Ctrl+Up
Select Tab [1 to 8; last tab] Ctrl+[1 to 8; 9]
Stop Esc
Text Size: Decrease Ctrl+-
Text Size: Increase Ctrl++
Text Size: Normal Ctrl+0
Web Search Ctrl+K (or Ctrl+E on Windows & Mac OS X, or Ctrl+J on Unix)
Undo Ctrl+Z
Start typing in address bar Ctrl+L (Cmd + L on OS X)