Graph Gadget (version 1.1)

How To InstallEdit

To install, add these lines to your personal javascript:


Your personal Javascript page is most likely located at "User:<YOUR USER NAME>/monobook.js" Go to that page and copy+paste the above line of code and click .

Once you save your javascript, you will need to perform a hard reset, typically by pressing + , or some other key combination.

  • This script has partial functionality in Internet Explorer 7
  • This script is not tested in Internet Explorer 6
  • This script is tested to work with Fire Fox
  • This script does not work in Safari
  • This script is not tested in Opera
Browsers not listed here have not been tested or are known not to work

About This GadgetEdit

This gadget uses javascript to automatically create and display simple line graphs. It currently only works in firefox, and there is no easy method for me to expand compatibility to IE. This is because IE does not contain functions for graphing or drawing like FireFox does.

To DoEdit

  • try to fix IE support.

Version HistoryEdit

  • 1.1 Partial IE support. It isn't pretty, and it's very fragile, but it basically works for some display settings.
  • 1.0 First stable version