User:Whiteknight/Creation Instructions Stub

<dl><dd><b>Book Name</b>: [[<a href="/wiki/%2">%1</a>]] <small>(Click on link to go to page)</small><br> </dl><dl><dd><b>Template Name</b>: [[<a href="/wiki/Template:%2">Template:%1</a>]] <small>(Click on link to go to template page)</small><br></dl> <p>To create your new book, follow these steps:</p> <ol> <li><b>Check to make sure that the book and the template do not already exist</b> <br> The book or template may already exist. If the book already exists, you should contribute to the existing book, instead of creating a new book. If the template already exists, you may want to consider renaming your template to [[<a href="/wiki/Template:%2_/Page">Template:%1/Page</a>]]. If either the page or the template exist but are not being used, you may want to attempt to merge the existing contents into your new book, or else move the existing contents to a new location (remember to update all links, as necessary). <li><b>Create your table of contents.</b> <small>(<a href="/wiki/%2">%1</a>)</small><br> <p>To create your new book Table of Contents (TOC), you may use Whiteknight's <a href="/wiki/User:Whiteknight/Book_Creation_Gadget">Book Creation Gadget</a>, or you may click <a href="/wiki/%2">this link</a> and create the TOC manually.</p> <li><b>Create your page navigation template.</b> <small>(<a href="/wiki/Template:%2">Template:%1</a>)</small><br><p>To create your new template, you may use Whiteknight's <a href="/wiki/User:Whiteknight/Template_Creation_Gadget">Template Creation Gadget</a>, you may use one of the predefined templates at <a href="">Whiteknight's Book Foundry</a>, or you may create the new template from scratch.</p> <li><b>Create your book's page category.</b> <small>(<a href=/wiki/Category:%2">Category:%1</a> See <a href="">Wikibooks:Categories</a> for help.)</small><br>On the category page, write that the category is used for the pages in your book, and possibly link it to a larger subject category (if you can't find an appropriate one, ask at <a href="">Staff Lounge</a>). <li><b>Add your book to the appropriate <a href="">bookshelf</a>.</b> <small>(See <a href="">Wikibooks:Bookshelves</a> for help.)</small><br> To do so, select the correct bookshelf from the list, and enter the following line of code to the proper place in the bookshelf:<br><dl><dd> <code>{{bi|%1}}</code></dl><dl><dd>Or:</dl> <dl><dd><code>* [[%1]] {{stage short|00%}}</code></dl>The choice of how to add the book to the bookshelf is dependent on the way other books are added to that shelf. <li><b>Properly categorize your book.</b><br>Make sure to add the following templates to your book, according to the instructions at <a href="/wiki/WB:CCR">WB:CCR</a>: <ul> <li><code>{{Alphabetical}}</code> <li><code>{{DDC}}</code> <li><code>{{LOC}}</code> <li><code>{{Shelf}}</code> </ul> <li><b>Add your book to <a href="">Template:New</a>.</b> <br>To do so, read all the instructions, and add the following line to the top of the list:<br> <dl><dd><code>&mdash; [[%1]]</code></dl> </ol> <p>For additional help, check the <a href="">Wikibooks Help Pages</a> and <a href="">Whiteknight's New Book Guide</a>, or leave a message on <a href="">Whiteknight's talk page</a>.