User:Paul Lynch/Concerning Permanent Stubs

Concerning Permanent StubsEdit

  • was the majority of the content made by a registered or anonymous user? - a large amount of the contributions made to

wikibooks is contributed by anonymous users. Although they usually contribute useful information, they don't continue to

contribute (unless they register).

  • Is it possible to contact a contributor of the book? - any wikibook that has someone who claims to be the editor

should not be deleted.

  • Can this book be merged with another wikibook? - before attempting to delete a wikibook, an attempt should be made to

find a book that could be merged with the wikibook in question.

  • When was the last major contribution made to any page of the book? - When considering what a permanent stub is, the

last major contribution should be considered (which does not include moving a page, fixing spelling errors, adding the

{{stub}} template, etc).

  • How large is the book? - the larger a book is, the more likely it will not be deleted.