User:Mbrickn/Wikibooks tips

Tips for editing Wikibooks from User:Mbrickn.

1: Always consider the reader, as well as the editors that will work alongside you.

Useful templatesEdit

Main PageEdit

  • Always tag a book with {{Status|0%}},{{Status|25%}},{{Status|50%}},{{Status|75%}}, or {{Status|100%}} and shelve it.
  • Don't use the {{Bookcat}} tag on the main page. Do use it on all other book pages.

Primary Table of ContentsEdit

  • For larger books, add a {{Book search}} template to let the reader easily search your book.

Secondary Table of Contents (In pages)Edit

  • Default TOC placement is perhaps good for your book, or perhaps not good - It tends to be disruptive to the reader to have a passage of text followed by a long TOC, only to find a paragraph that follows the lead as if it were continuous. Use {{TOC}} (Left TOC), {{TOCright}} (Puts the TOC on the right), or to manually select where your TOC goes both vertically (Depending on the position in the source), and horizontally (Depending on the tag used). Some pages, especially short ones, loose more from a TOC then they gain - Disable the TOC there with __NOTOC__.


  • Use a spellchecker, but don't trust it blindly.
  • Use a grammer checker if you want, but don't trust it blindly.


  • If you don't caption your photos, blind users with screenreaders miss out. Always caption your photos. (Unless they are purely decorative)
  • It's OK to use decorations for flare, but don't overdo it.