User:Kayau/Speedy keep

A speedy keep is a decision made in the requests for deletion when an article should be kept speedily.

Criteria Edit

Should any one of the following criteria apply, any request for deletion can be speedily kept:

  • There is no remaining argument for deletion. This includes:
    • When the article is fixed so that the arguments given at any time are invalid.
    • When the original argument is considered completely wrong.
  • When the nomination is considered vandalism.

Non-admin closure Edit

A non-administrator can close a discussion as speedy keep without the need of an administrator to endorse it. However, administrators do have the right to revert such a decision. To avoid conflicts of interest, please do not speedily keep a page you have created or are closely related to. If a speedy keep is blatant vandalism, then any user can undo or roll back such a decision. If this is repeated, the user who speedily kept the request can be blocked for edit warring as well as vandalism, or banned from participating in the requests for deletion.