en-3 This user can read and write fluently in English.
java-3 This user is an advanced programmer in Java.
ada-3 This user is an advanced programmer in Ada.
  • An Emacs Lisp file, for transforming Ada programs to MediaWiKi. Eases writing code examples for the Ada_Programming book.
  mark a region, then command M-x Ada-to-WiKi.  Modifies the
  current buffer by replacing the text in the region.

Available as ada-to-wiki.el

  • ASnip transforms to MediaWiKi Ada templates, too. It processes a character stream and is written in plain Ada 95.
  $ asnip from Ada generate Wikibook [encoding ...]

Can be used with pipes, shell scripts, or from within editing programs like vi using the `!' command. Available as ASnip