This book shall be mainly taken from the biochemistry pages of wikipedia 
and then edited into a self-consistent and logical structure as part of a
larger series on Biochemistry
I shall write the outline of the book here in my user space on one page 
before moving it over to the main wikibook area and splitting it up into 
separate chapters. You are more than welcome to help out.
Scope of this book:
This book is limited to the structure and basic function of biochemical
macromolecules. Details of the function and interactions of proteins, 
nucleic acids, and membranes should be put in more relevant sections.

Introduction edit

Biochemistry is the study of the Chemistry of biological molecules. This book was written to teach the building blocks of life, how complex and infinitely variable biological molecules such as proteins can be made from the simplest of ingredients. All proteins are made from the same twenty one amino acids, every organisms genetic code is stored in different combinations of the same four bases, from the simplest of foundations we have grown to stand on the shoulders of giants.

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